Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Harrison's Birthday Weekend

Harrison decided last summer what he wanted to do for his birthday weekend. He requested a day "riding rides at Adventureland," to see Toy Story 4, eat Chinese food, and have a birthday party. Somehow it all was accomplished and (not surprising) ended with the minis in bed 7 p.m. Sunday night!

Toy Story 4 was a great conclusion to the series of movies. I cried so hard that the youngest mini asked me if I was okay. Then the minis continued to make fun of me for crying so much at the end. 

We grabbed H's favorite Chinese food for a late lunch and brought it home to eat. We were home long enough to eat and have the minis goof around before we headed to Adventureland just as the sun came out (making it super humid). We rode all the rides for a few hours.

Sometimes I think they only want to ride the Tornado so they can run down the ramp at the end.

They did the bumper cars several times. 

The minis came home and fell into bed. I, on the other hand, stayed up decorating cupcakes and getting everything ready for the next day's Birthday Bash at Greenwood Park.

Cool and cloudy, but the minis and their friends went right into the spraygrounds.

Friends and family came out to celebrate. It was a great and exhausting four hours at the park! 

The minis built their Lego sets, played with some of their new toys, and went to bed before 7 p.m.! Mom and Dad took a nap on the couch so that we could stay up later (but not too late because we were exhausted!) to get a start on packing.

We celebrated the oldest's birthday early on Monday, which we also had to get ready for. Our weekends have been nonstop action. Even though vacation will be much of the same, I'm excited to get away and take a break from daily life.