Wednesday, June 5, 2019

First Weekend In June

We had quite the weekend: activities at the Museum Saturday morning, our nephew's graduation party, grocery shopping, Pizza Fest to see Andy Grammer, a birthday celebration at Raccoon River Park for the minis to welcome in birthday month, playing with all their new presents, and taking a long nap Sunday afternoon. I was happy to have a laid back Friday night so we could relax before our craziness the rest of the weekend brought.

Friday night cuddles involve cats.

Saturday morning I had to head to the Museum to run activities. The minis stayed home and snuggled on the couch. I was a bit jealous, but I do really love seeing my ideas come to life.

The minis area fan of graduation parties: cakes, candies, and sodas. They had enough sugar to last them the summer!

It happened. My children noticed, questioned, and requested the magazine rack in the check out line. Elizabeth's request was the National Inquirer. We had a great conversation about tabloid magazines. She's still intrigued.

More cuddles while we refreshed ourselves for a late night at Pizza Fest in Ankeny. Three years ago, the minis requested to see Andy Grammer in concert (he happened to be playing at a county fair at the time), but the concert happened while we were on our vacation (so we obviously didn't go). When I heard he was performing at Pizza Fest, it was a no-brainer. Hubs and I got late evening coffees and off we went waaayyyy past bedtime. 
The boys barely made it--they requested to go home to bed while we were in the car on the way to the concert. Elizabeth on the other hand spent a few hours on her dad's shoulders singing, screaming, swaying, and clapping. She's definitely the one we'll need to worry about in the future!

A sad face because she hates these things....but also insisted I take the picture.

Games on the ground while we waited.

A family picnic and presents at their favorite park.

We had trouble lighting and keeping the candles lit.

Elizabeth couldn't take it anymore and tried to blow out Max's candle for him.

As soon as we got home we HAD to break into the new gifts. We spent a good while making bracelets and then naps. Because naps are everything when you're busy.