Friday, June 7, 2019

Driveway Painting

The great thing about summer is that there's so many kids in and out of my house that the kids make their own fun. I simply provide the toys, tools, ingredients, and supplies (and of course, the discipline). There are a few activities that are asked for each summer: slime making (at least once a week), pizza day, ice cream day, donut day, a backyard obstacle course, sprinklers, and body painting. Yes, body painting. It began with feet painting, but the last two summers we upped it to body painting.

This year, I figured with the kiddos all being older we could up it to driveway painting. I wouldn't have to wonder what to do with a 10x10 foot piece of painted paper, my driveway would look interesting for a few days (or more), and obviously it would be tons of fun.

Naturally, the kids took the body painting portion to new levels, but the little pools took care of (most of) the mess and the driveway looks bright and beautiful.

I had Crayola paint, Kool Aid paint (flour + Kool Aid packet + water), and shaving cream paint (shaving cream + food coloring) to choose from. The shaving cream paint and Crayola paint were the favorites.

Elizabeth filled up the pools because "it's my birthday and I get to do whatever I want." If filling up kiddie pools is what you want then fine by me!

Even the youngest kids paint here! Thank goodness for nontoxic paints and a clean paintbrush to bite on!

I had my back turned when I heard two children shriek "ahhh! I'm bleeding!" I whipped around to see them giggling as they used red paint on themselves.

A smile in blue paint on the belly started it all.

My favorite of the day was (almost) 11 year old Max. He insisted he didn't want to do driveway body painting. He requested to sit with Andrew (the youngest daycare kiddo) and help him with painting. It didn't take long for Max to jump in too! It made me laugh because he's growing up but still a kid.....the same could be said for me though because I happily joined in with the kids as well!

He looks like he's part of the Blue Man Group.

Bubble pools (hypoallergenic dish soap + water) are the best!

My favorite painting in the driveway are the little hand prints. If I could keep those on the driveway forever I would. 

As with all of our activities, I hope they remember the fun because I know I will.