Sunday, June 9, 2019

Elizabeth's 7th Birthday At Daycare

One of the special things we do each year on our mini's birthdays is let them pick what activities we do that day. This year Elizabeth had A LOT on her list she wanted to do. With it being her Golden Birthday ("I'm 7 on the 7th" as she says) we surprised her with gold balloons, streamers, and signs. Her other choices included celebrating National Donut Day with donuts and a play donut shop, pools and body painting, and a waffle bar for lunch. The only thing that didn't make the cut was her request to watch Big Bang Theory during daycare hours.

Elizabeth requested an island cake for her birthday because she hoped that increased her chances for her birthday wish to come true: a trip to Florida so she "can parasail in Key West and lay on a beach in Miami." Only this girl!

The boys had fun at Nobbies the evening before picking out all golden party decor and, of course, a crown. As Harrison said, "bosses need crowns."

She was shocked to get her very own Kindle for her birthday. I got the Kindle Fire 7's for $35 a piece back in May. I figure this might help with our 15 hour car trip this summer!

Donuts from Elizabeth's favorite place: Donut Hut. The cherry donuts are her favorite. The evening before her birthday, as we were discussing what varieties of donuts to purchase, she claimed "you have to get all cherry because those are my favorite and it's my birthday so everyone has to eat them." As you can see, our talk about not being bossy on your birthday helped (a little least to the point where no one was forced to eat cherry donuts).

A newly made batch of homemade play dough served as their donuts for the donut shop.

Plenty of outside time (as usual) and playing with friends. Her friends put on a play and a tea party in  Elizabeth's honor for her birthday. She even got a "chariot ride" to her tea party. The Cozy Coupes are multi-purpose at our house!

Her escorts even gave her a massage during the tea party.

Driveway body painting and pools took up a good portion of the morning. The kids were having so much fun that their typical morning snack time was missed and we wound up eating cake before lunch!

She didn't keep her wishes a secret: a trip to Florida, a Mini Cooper, and real babies. I 100% approve of these wishes!

Our waffle bar included a variety of syrups, chocolate chips, mixed berries, blueberries, Sunflower butter and sides of pears and Go-Gurt. Most kids chose chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

Painting her unicorn statue she got from family at her first birthday party.

Of course the fun didn't stop when daycare did. She requested Taco Bell for dinner and was visited by both sets of grandparents. Lucky girl who crashed into bed happily at the end of the night!

1.) the birthday crown was worn by all throughout the day 2.) Enthralled by the game on her Kindle

She made her birthday a BIG deal this year and loved every minute of it. She's definitely a unique one and I could not love her more for it! Check out this year's birthday letter to be the seven year old.