Friday, June 21, 2019

Father's Day AND Recital Weekend

Big weekend, big dreams conquered, big smiles, and big tiredness from us all. Saturday night was Elizabeth's much anticipated yearly dance recital. It's a large production that is three hours long. Leading up to that night, we had an entire week of rehearsals and craziness. We knew that we would need some down time come Sunday, also known as Father's Day. We chose to celebrate Saturday morning so we could have a calm Sunday at home and seeing our own father's in the afternoon.

We managed a slightly easy going Saturday morning and got to the zoo in good time. We put a time limit on our zoo visit and picked up taco pizza for an early dinner before heading downtown for the show. The rain and thunderstorm came right as we were leaving. Thankfully, no make up or costumes were ruined running through the rain.

Elizabeth refused to brush her hair....unless "a brother brushes my hair." I'm 99% certain that the only reason they do things for her is so they don't have to deal with her whining.

The baby gazelles at the zoo were adorable!

For the next year, every time we drive by the Civic Center, all we'll hear is "that's my stage."

It was a very late night Saturday that DIDN'T end in tears....the only tears came when the make up had to come off for the night. Sunday morning Hubs was treated with a cup of coffee in bed while I ordered our groceries. If I haven't said it enough, grocery delivery saves me/us! We began our morning at 11 a.m. with a trip to 5 Borough Bagels for, duh, bagels and more coffee. We ran a few errands and the biggest fun of all was picking out cards for dad and grandpas.

I usually have the minis make cards for birthdays, holidays, thank yous, etc. With our time short I let them pick out cards for every dad in their life at Target. Needless to say, we spent more time than needed in the greeting cards. There was controversy when Elizabeth chose a Father's Day card for Hubs supposedly from all three mini that read 'From Your Daughter.' Once again she had the boys in tears, but they got to chose their own for dad so then everything was okay. We spent no less than $30 on cards.

My Malibu latte from 5 Borough Bagels was like summer in a cup. It was amazing!

Came out of the shoe store to find these four watching dance videos.

We ended our night with Smokey D's bbq for dinner and early bedtimes for all. It was perfect.

Surprisingly I wasn't left exhausted from the weekend happenings!