Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Elizabeth's Birthday Weekend

We successfully mixed in the things we needed to do with the things Elizabeth absolutely wanted to do for her Birthday Weekend. A few years ago I stopped taking the mini's birthdays off (due to vacations and time off) and instead we do Birthday at Daycare and Birthday Weekend. The Birthday person gets to pick what is done on their day AND on the weekend following their birthday. It's worked out great the last several years.

This year we had a bit more to work around between busy schedules, family coming into town, and simply life in general. Somehow, we got it all in!

Friday night Elizabeth received special visitors for her special day (read about her day here).

Saturday was a whirlwind day. Ideally it was to go something like this: breakfast, volunteering at the Children's Museum for our 2nd birthday party, Secret Life of Pets 2, Hop A Lot, mini golfing, a late dinner. Instead it went something like this: leftover donuts for breakfast, Museum (that did happen), lunch while watching Secret Life of Pets 2, meltdown #1, Hope A Lot (where meltdowns 2, 3, 4 and 5 happened), a quick run through Target, unexpected naps in the car which led us to Trader Joe's, frozen meals for dinner from TJ's, and bedtime for the minis at 6:30 p.m. where they went right to sleep. I shouldn't be surprised that the day didn't go as planned. The minis were still tired from the previous weekend's partying (read about that here).

The Des Moines Children's Museum 2nd Birthday was a dinosaur theme. We had cake, dino activities, and a full size dino balloon made by the Balloon Bar. The programming committee and I had so much fun planning this party! It's always amazing to see the Museum bustling and our activities (and hard work) enjoyed by all! It's great to see this first hand and serves as a great reminder of why my life is so busy at the moment--engaging the community and making it better one activity at a time.

The minis aren't always thrilled to go to the Museum with me since we tend to go in spurts (many weeks and hours spent at the Museum to some breaks due to other commitments), but we come manned with necessities. This time around included Polly Pockets and books to read. Once some of their friend arrived they forgot about their "necessities" and joined the party eating cake and playing.

Last minute dino printing added in the party room.

We got some good laughs from this costume! I think we need to buy our own now!

We love going to Flix because it's also a restaurant. I feel more accomplished because we can eat a meal while watching a movie. Two birds one stone kind of a thing. 

The minis were psyched for Hop A Lot. I was happy it wasn't a busy day there and there were just a few other children in the bounce houses. Of course, as soon as we got out of the movie the meltdowns began and only heightened while they jumped.

We took turns in the massage between tears from the minis that is.

I love her....she wanted to do this obstacle course quicker than her brothers. So she cheated, bounced off the top of the first one, and ran to the climbing wall to the end.

The final tears when mom finally had it and exclaimed: "that's it! Get your shoes on. We're leaving!" We managed to run through Target quickly (like so quickly I didn't have enough time to get anything extra), make a pit stop at Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up, then to Trader Joe's. Although we didn't go right to TJ's. The minis fell asleep in the van on the way so we wound up driving around West Des Moines for nearly an hour! I thought we were out of this phase (and had been for a while), but I guess not!

Car naps helped a little bit, but these two boys were still in bed by 6:30 p.m. and snoring a minute later! I can't remember a Saturday in recent history that they were in bed that early. Elizabeth on the other hand, stayed up partying until 8:30. Party girl. We used our time to make plans for Sunday and how we were going to fit in mini golfing.....and, at Elizabeth's request, how we could fit in a trip to Miami in the near future (she's obsessed with Miami and the Keys).

I can't give her a "long weekend road trip to Miami..or just Florida" but I did splurge on the Mini Cooper (her other birthday wish) and treated myself too!

Sunday we used a couple of hours in the morning for down time and then we were off. We had a reception for my brother and sister-in-law, followed by a friend's birthday party for Max, and mini golfing for four. I was happy to give into the minis request for fast food for dinner for Sunday evening, but I'm looking forward to bringing back Sunday family dinner next weekend!

Find a husband that will untangle your necklaces for you. Also, find a husband that will buy you proper jewelry storage.

I looked out the window and saw my daughter attempting cartwheels in Grandma and Grandpa's front yard. This one got me.

From the reception to Smash Park to mini golf. The whole reason Elizabeth wanted to go mini golfing was so she could use the net to fish balls out of the ponds. She got her wish, we got entertainment, and this day also ended with me saying "that's it! We're never doing this again!"

Dad had to help Elizabeth not "hit all crazy like."

My impressive hit:I hit it in the water, it bounced up, hit one bridge, then the other, and then stopped on the edge of the wooden bridge. I'm not sure how I managed that one...

The next two weekends are just as busy with dance recitals, Father's Day, Harrison's Birthday Weekend, and the annual Birthday Bash. Those weekends will be followed up by a whirlwind weekend in Ohio and West Virginia! We. Can't. Wait.