Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Letter To My Middle Son

Always willing to pose with mom

My little love Harrison,

You are 9 today!!! We are celebrating everything YOU. Everything you bring to our lives and to other's lives. You are loved by so, so many. I have yet to meet a person you haven't instantly charmed, made laugh, or had an impact on. In true you fashion, you've chosen a Hollywood theme for your birthday. A Hollywood cake, a red carpet, and a photo booth. You are the epitome of the saying 'go big or go home.' You have a way of making all things memorable.

You spent year eight growing more comfortable in your skin and discovering your abilities. It was definitely a year spent honing yourself. You hold so much personality and energy that we spent the year figuring out how best to utilize it. Through Saturday morning classes, talent shows at school, and the discovery that you have no fear of crowds, you found a love for performing. You rocked your very first acting class and plan on continuing to develop acting skills this next year.

For the once incredibly shy preschooler, you have more than come out of your bubble. You broadened your friend circle and have the most diverse group of friends. I'm amazed at everything your group of friends have taught you about the world. As we heard from your teacher all school year long, you kept things interesting for your class. You gave half of your class nicknames (your's was Rebecca) and then convinced them to use those names, which left a very confused teacher to grade tests on week. That was a fun email to receive! I love that your teacher (and all other's before her) nurtured your personality and encouraged you to be you. She said it best in her end of the year note to you "I love how unique you are and you bring laughter to those around you. Don't ever change!"

I will forever be grateful to those who have empowered you to be you.

My sweet H-ee boy, you have the biggest heart, you are caring and empathetic. You are so full of fun, some smoke (or as I like to say "blowing smoke up people's a**es since 2010"), love, laughter, and everything in between. I see every quality in you I wish I possessed. You make me strive to be a better person and mom.

When I asked Elizabeth why we love you, her response was "because he likes Hawaii and always has his honeymoons there. Aaannnnddd, he's funny. Really funny." Now would be a good time to mention that you got married twice in your eighth year (to Lucy, of course). My favorite thing is how you still call me "mommy." Your brother and sister have long given that gig up, but you still sweetly call me that. It really helps when you're having one of your "unique days," as I'll call it. I can't imagine our family without you. You, my Harrison, bring laughter to our days without even trying.

I want nothing more for you than to keep possessing the confidence you've found in yourself and for you to keep being your happy-go-lucky self. My once most difficult child (difficult as in I always had to be on my toes and sometimes mom's just want a break!) has become my easiest. I'm constantly amazed how, even on your bad days, you're still smiling and laughing. You happily try new things and have very few fears and worries. I hope you always keep these qualities in your ninth year and beyond.

Happy Birthday Harrison! May your day and year be filled with wonder, bright lights, laughs, and challenges to keep you busy. We love you so much! Thank you for always being you!!! 

Love always and forever,


 PS - A few memories for the books:

 Happy baby H 

 S'mores hands with the cutest toddler face. If I could go back in time and smooch this face I'd do it in a heartbeat.

 You always reached for me. You don't do that as much anymore, but you still come for your snuggles every so often these days.

You always go for the giggles.

I can't wait for so many more adventures with you!