Monday, June 24, 2019

Harrison's 9th Birthday At Daycare

Harrison had a FULL list of things he wanted to do for his birthday. We wound up spacing the activities out throughout the entire week. Harrison was bummed because it was raining for "his day" but we made the most of it with costumes, a photo booth, walking the red carpet, board games, friends, and visits from grandparents. I don't think he could have asked for a better day!

Harrison requested a "Hollywood sign cake" because he wants to go to Hollywood. I made and decorated the cake the day before. I had to use building cubes when the Santa Monica Mountains fell, but all in all, the cake turned out great. H added in the Lego people with the selfie-stick. I love how this boy thinks!

Last picture as an 8 year old.

Harrison was thrilled with the "red carpet" (actually a cheap red table cloth) and his surprise Hollywood sign on the breezeway wall. He and his friends walked the red carpet often throughout the day!

As usual, present opening happened first thing in the morning at 6:55 a.m. He was thrilled to get a Kindle to take on our road trip. Max and Elizabeth surprised him with Toy Story 4 figurines. Two daycare friends brought a full bag of fun goodies, one of which was a Whoopee Cushion. The kids had a blast with it!

The photo booth (otherwise known as our indoor playhouse) was popular. Mostly for taking fake selfies with the play phones. Proof of fake selfie taking below.

Bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, big pieces of cake for morning snack, ramen noodles, salad, and strawberries for lunch, and more cake with green beans and Goldfish crackers for afternoon snack. I had to fake a smile when Harrison informed me of the menu for his birthday (the birthday boy/girl gets to choose), especially when he also chose mac and cheese with peas for dinner. A full day of carbs and sugar.

Harrison was so excited about his menu that he spread everyone's cream cheese for breakfast and made the ramen for lunch!

Mom and Dad treated themselves to drinks during dinner because we earned it!

Grandparents stopped by after dinner to give gifts. Since we'll be gone for Max's birthday, grandparents brought gifts for all three minis to open! They're now well equipped for our long hours in the car for the next three weeks!

Elizabeth asked for an Energizer Bunny. Actually, she asked for "the pink bunny with flip flops and a drum."

I can't decide if Harrison does what makes him happy or if everything he does brings happiness. Either way, happy describes this kid perfectly.