Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Weekend Before The School Year

I had hopes of making a big to do with the weekend before school starting, but that didn't happen. Instead we had an unusually laid weekend with no adventures. We did get some things organized, tossed out, and donated. The kids spent the days playing in the backyard and late evenings on the patio grilling and enjoying neighbors. While it wasn't our typical weekend or even how I enjoy spending the weekends, I at least felt well rested by the end of it!

Friday night I got a mom's night out. I went to see Bad Moms with a friend at Flix Brewhouse followed by drinks and catching up. It was a fantastic night and thankfully with a friend who understood what it's like to be exhausted by 9 p.m.!

Saturday morning we tried out Donut Hut. I was very impressed with the selection at the donut shop not to mention all of the goodies were extremely delicious! We'll definitely be back the next time we decide on donuts for breakfast.

The rest of Saturday was uneventful. I got to run a few errands, the minis played outside, then we lounged.

Sunday we organized and cleaned. It's amazing how unorganized cabinets, drawers, and bins can become during the hectic summer vacation. My bathroom is in need of desperate organization and I got a head start on it. In the midst of the organization, I found 3 unopened packages of band aids! 3!! The minis were thrilled and suddenly had "bad bad cuts" all over.

Nothing like Sunday night prep for the week. It took a while, but Hubs got the body bumpers filled up and ready to go (using our blow up mattress pump).