Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Children, I Hope You Always Remember

With school starting up again, I'm obviously not around 24/7 to make sure my kids are behaving themselves. My big rule that I always hope they remember (and sometimes they need help remembering it) is treat others how you want to be treated. To help them remember everything else, I wrote them a poem (that is currently hanging on a painted canvas in their bedroom, just for extra reminders).

Be patient, be kind, be gentle to every being.
Share. Share your life, your things, share in every way possible.
Smile. Give hugs. Listen and observe.
Be firm in your beliefs. Speak your mind. Don't be afraid to use the word no.
Always have your own ideas. Create.
Love freely. Walk away from cruelty. Do things that make you happy.
Work hard, but have fun. Find the fun in all things.
Don't let fear stop you. Try something new every day. 
Don't be scared to fail, be scared of not doing.
Always help others.
Embrace life's surprises.
Always just be YOU!