Thursday, August 25, 2016

Weekend Planner

Fishing this past spring.

What We're Doing:

  • Celebrating Hubs birthday
  • A Sunday hike. I haven't decided where yet, but we're long overdue for a local hiking trip

Other Things To Do:

  • Go swimming: fill up a kiddie pool, head to a public pool, or hit up a wading pool. I'm not sure about your area but all of the pools around here are closing for the year. Get the swimming in before the fall weather heads your way
  • Make a Fall Fun To Do List. Maybe you've had all the fun you can for the summer season. Start thinking about all the fun you can have this summer. Get some ideas of how to get started on your's here
  • Bake banana bread (find a healthier version that the kiddos love here). Let the kids help and then get it when it's still warm. Take it to a park for a mid-morning snack or have a picnic on your patio/deck
  • Kubo and Pete's Dragon are in theaters
  • Give mini golfing a try

Happenings Around Central Iowa:

  • Des Moines Restaurant Week
  • Hollywood Backstories with Cloris Leachman at the Historical Museum
  • Ingersoll Live
  • Monarch Tagging at Gray's Lake Park. We did this last year at the Blank Park Zoo. The kids thought it was very interesting and learned a lot.