Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Weekend After Vacation

I completely forgot to post this right after this weekend happened, but I got too caught up in creating my travel posts....and that kinda sums this particular weekend up. We were in a post vacation funk (that we didn't get out of until we did our 31 Parks In One Weekend). We were grouchy, wishing we could see mountains and wade in fresh streams (that are actually clear and not filled with chemical run off). We honestly didn't do much. We rested as much as we could on Saturday, as we were still waaayyy behind on our sleep. Plus I had so much laundry to get done I couldn't have left the house if I wanted too.

When we went to Churchill Downs, the minis were very disappointed that we didn't get to see an actual horse race (yes there were tears. Read more about our adventures in Louisville here). So on Sunday we had lunch with family and then went to our local race track, Prairie Meadows. There the minis got to see their first horse race AND got to see zebras race!

I started the weekend off with a visit to the book store on a Friday night. By myself. With a coffee in my hand. It really was a piece of heaven.

Clean laundry that sat on the couch until it was folded Sunday night. So very typical.

Stuck in traffic on our way to Prairie Meadows. Hubs is never too sure about any of my ideas, this one included.

I had actually never seen a live horse race. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was able to see the entire track, but Prairie Meadows doesn't have bleachers or a grandstand so we could only see a small portion of the track. Luckily we wound up finding a spot right at the winners circle and finish line so at least we had a good view!

The best picture I could get on a 100 degree day.

This boy was excited for the ostrich races but we got too hot and left right after the zebra races. I told him maybe next year.

The zebra races were great! We weren't at the races very long due to the heat, but it was enough to perk up our post vacation sadness.

We ended our weekend at Zombie Burger and Drink Lab for dinner and milkshakes to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. We had to wait for a table. Thankfully we all brought reading material with us.

We'll definitely have to go to the races in the future, but maybe on a day that isn't so crowded so we can actually see the race!