Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bad Life Choices on a Sunday Morning

Sunday morning 6:30 a.m. Big plans to sleep in after a twelve hour road trip the day before. Then the boys woke up. I expected them to barge into our room asking for breakfast and another small emergency. Instead they bypassed our room, went to the bathroom, and then went back to their room. Sweet! I went back to sleep as I realized things were quiet in their room. Maybe they had gone back to sleep too?

Things were extremely quiet for 45 minutes. I was lulled by the silence of the house. I was jarred awake by pounding, quiet, followed by more pounding, then "I got 8! How many did you get? Okay, again!" I walked into the boy's room to find every single board game they owned scattered across the floor of their bedroom. They were in the middle of (extremely happily) playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. On their hardwood floors.

"Does that seem a little loud to you to be playing this early in the morning?"

"Oh, is it early? We've been up a while," they responded. I told them to keep it down and went back to bed. I still had one kid asleep and obviously the older two are more than capable of entertaining themselves. 

15 minutes later and I was woken up by a loud horn beeping and a huge thud. They decided to get out their instruments in their room and jump around while playing them. Apparently that's somehow less loud that Hungry Hungry Hippos. Hubs wasn't exactly nice when he went into their room and confronted them about their choice of activities at 7:30 a.m.

We'll just say they now know that was a really idea early in the morning. They also learned that moving the game to carpeted area ("we thought the carpet would make it really quiet. We could barely hear it so we had to shout") and waking up their sister is an even worse move. We file this one under Bad Life Choices.