Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weekend Planner

What We're Doing:

  • Swimming. The minis are in the middle of their summer swimming lessons. We'll be practicing all weekend long too
  • BBQ and Slip N Slide with family

Other Things To Do:

  • Go on a night walk/hike. Take flash lights and/or head lamps and explore the night. The minis love it when we do this...mostly because it means they're up past bedtime, but it's also really cool to see night creatures
  • Make your own pizza. Use refrigerated pizza dough, tortillas, biscuits, or make your own dough, open a jar of pizza sauce (or make your own), and fill bowls with all of the toppings you can think of. Kids love it plus it's cheaper than ordering a pizza and healthier too! Try baking it on the grill and/or making a dessert pizza too!
  • Take in a local baseball or soccer game

Things To Do In Central Iowa:

  • Grain Harvest & Historic Baseball Game at Living History Farms (Saturday)
  • National Balloon Classic
  • Family movie night (Waukee Community Center)
  • Clowns at the Carousel