Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hubs Birthday Weekend

Typically on a birthday weekend, the birthday guy or gal goes out. With it being Hubs birthday weekend it was only fitting that I went out. I'm totally joking but I did go out with some friends. As most moms have learned, going out hurts. Like, 24 hours of hurting afterwards. Luckily I've learned and kept things light on Saturday. I rested and started a new book. In the evening we took the kids to run errands at the mall. The boys were in shopping heaven in Old Navy.

Excellent book! I love the way it was written from all point of views.

Yes the boys love clothes shopping. They pick put out some interesting (and awesome) outfits!


Sunday is when all of the family fun happened. We started the day with a big brunch at home and then went to Ledges State Park all afternoon. Since we've hiked all of the trails in the Park numerous times, we opted to hike the creek this time instead. With our Keens to protect our feet, we hiked a few miles in the cool (and kinda gross) muddy water to where the creek meets with the Des Moines River. 

Races are more fun to run in the water!

"Look mom it's a little Sliding Rock!" exclaimed the minis (referring too our slide down the waterfall in North Carolina. Read about that here).

The oldest cannot get enough of rock climbing!

We ended our fun family day with a meal of fried chicken, pasta salad, and fruit. It was a great day and great way to end our weekend! Next weekend we plan on taking a road trip to somewhere, but we're still debating where! Nothing like waiting until the last minute....