Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Weekend In Chicago

I love, love, love, love Chicago. It holds a lot of special memories for me: spring break Senior year, St. Patrick's Day parades, where Hubs and I got engaged. We stopped by Chicago for an afternoon on our way home from Indiana (no it really wasn't on our way home, but when you're looking at the skyline from across Lake Michigan, you make it be on your way home. You can read about that adventure here) with the minis in April. This past weekend, Hubs and I had a chance to getaway to Chicago for a friend's wedding.

Lollapalooza was going on in Grant Park, which made the city incredibly crowded. It also meant we didn't get to revisit our engagement site (something we have not done since we got engaged!). I'm still rather bitter about not being able to go to Grant Park (also my favorite park ever) but we're already in the process of planning a return weekend trip, so I shouldn't have long to wait.

I had originally brought a yellow dress to wear for my friend's wedding, but forgot shoes (and I failed to go through my sister's closet when we dropped the minis off for the weekend). So we ended up at an outlet mall enroute to Chi-town. It was there that I ended up with a new purse (love), my blue dress for the wedding (love), new gold shoes (not actually gold, but love all the same), and new jewelry (love). I just hate it when that happens!

 I absolutely loved my dress I unexpectedly bought! Not only was it comfortable, but it was light and airy and it had pockets! Plus, it was only $28 at Banana Republic! I just love a good deal.
We arrived at our hotel around 2 a.m. thanks to our shopping spree. Saturday morning we slept in a bit, got ready, and then headed to one of our Chicago favorites for lunch (before the wedding). 

On Hubs and I's first couples trip to Chicago many, many years ago (I don't feel like doing the math so we're going to say around 10 years ago) we arrived in the city late at night and famished. We decided to walk around and find a sandwich shop or something that was open. We happened upon Pizano's, a small Italian pizzeria in downtown Chicago. Little did we know that Pizano's has one of the best thin crust pizzas in Chicago and is one happening place. We've been sure to eat at Pizano's whenever we're in town. We even got frozen pizzas to go before we left the city.

We took plenty of public transportation while in Chicago. We became experts on the Chicago Red Line.

You can't see well, but here's my amazing gold jewelry for the wedding: a fun gold ring and a bracelet.

The wonderful couple who said their I do's in a sweet ceremony.

After the wedding, we took a walk around Uptown and Wrigleyville. Yes, in our wedding clothes. Turns out the gold shoes aren't made for walking and I've got the massive blisters on my heels to prove it.

 Subway looks.

The reception took place at Garfield Park Conservatory. We had a great time walking around the grounds.

After the reception ended, Hubs and I took to downtown Chicago....right as Lollapalooza was ending. That was an experience I hope to never experience again.

Nothing beats Michigan Avenue at night.

We ended our night with pizza at midnight at our favorite pizza place in Chicago, Giordano's. 

Sunday I woke up not feeling so great. I headed to a Minute Clinic inside of a CVS pharmacy. We don't have these around Des Moines, IA (where we live) and I so wish we did! I was in and out in no time with my prescription for amoxicillin in hand for my strep throat. The best part of the Minute Clinics (and similar clinics in Walgreens and Target's around the city) is that it was cheaper than going to a walk in clinic here. 

While I was getting my throat swabbed and picking up my antibiotics, Hubs was doing a bit of sight seeing.


After antibiotics were picked up and coffee drank, we jumped on board for our Architectural River Boat Tour of Chicago. It was hands down one of the best things we've ever done in Chicago. I found the history of the buildings and the city fascinating. 

The side of this building had a map of the L on it

We ended this getaway to Chicago with a classic meal at Billy Goats with a couple of Cheez borgers, chips (no fries), and Coke's. 

We're now busy planning a family trip to the city this fall. What are your favorite things to do in Chicago with kids?