Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Last Days of Summer Celebration

It's been a crazy summer with the big kids around. The last couple of weeks we've been trying to fit in all of the activities that we didn't get to and re-doing some of their favorites. Their requests for the last days of summer? A dance party, a pinata, a smash cake "just for kids," and a slime pool. 

So that's exactly what we did.

I used EIGHT boxes of Funfetti cake mix and added neon food coloring. Each cake was a different color, which gave the kids something more to 'ooohhh' and 'aaahhh' about.

Most of the kids dove right in, a few requested forks, and others were incredibly reluctant and wanted no part in the cake eating messiness.

Yes, Silvia and I got into the cake eating too....until the kids stopped eating the cake and "building snowmen" with it. The cake was extremely moist (go me!) and the kids happily made cake balls (or snowmen if you're the kids).

Cake demolished. Mission accomplished.


The pinata didn't last long and had a very gruesome death. 

Check out our Edible Slime play. We used the edible slime to fill up a kiddie pool and the kids played. They played so much that they all required showers afterwards....and still had slime stuck in their hair despite being scrubbed with shampoo. Nothing like a little bit of messy fun to end the summer!

In addition to their requests, I found these body bumpers on clearance and declared them a must have! They were hilarious and the big kids had the best time!

Nothing like a dance party with crazy wigs and karate chops!

I'm sure going to miss these kiddos and their abilities to drag every single toy out and conveniently forget to put them away without being told....

Peace out Summer 2016. You were for sure crazy, challenging, exhausting, and fun!