Thursday, July 9, 2015

Notes From A Daycare Provider: Normal To Me

  • Ordering a dozen boxes of pasta with my groceries (for Pasta Play Day) and acting like it's totally normal when the person delivering groceries asks if we enjoy pasta. Me: "Oh no, this isn't to eat silly. It's for Pasta Play Day." Delivery man, suddenly getting nervous: "What's that?" "Where we play with pasta all day" I reply with a "duh" tone to my voice. What really makes this story rock is that when I said this, the kids were nowhere around and it was just Hubs and I standing there. I can't begin to imagine what that poor guy was thinking as he walked away.
  • Only three extra kids around seems like an easy and quiet day at our house.
  • I was made aware by Lauren that the phrase "hands off your penis!" isnot something that people say every day.
  • When toy or furniture shopping, I can instantly point out safety issues and how a toy could possibly be used as a weapon. People think I'm crazy when I inform them that jump ropes have been banned from our house, but I'm telling you, choking weapon when in the hands of kids.
  • Going through two loaves of bread on grilled cheese day.
  • Transforming my living room for theme days. It's become a book store, an Italian store for Pasta Play Day, an obstacle course in the middle of winter, a volleyball court on Beach Day. You do know what a theme day is right??
  • Walking by the Little People toys at Target and declaring, "we have all of these sets." I'm a little proud and slightly embarrassed when people overhear this statement.
  • Having to wash my curtains every week because at least one child attempts (and sometimes succeeds) in using them as tissues.
  • Pack n' Plays and cots set up in our bedtime is a usual sight since it doubles as the daycare nap room during the days. Bonus to this: I can set up a Pack n' Play in record time. Like, if there was a contest, I would for sure be the winner for setting it up in under a minute, sheets and all.
  • 3 - 5 loads of laundry per day typical. This usually makes people's eyeballs pop out of their heads and they promptly respond "I do not want to see your water bill." No, no you don't.
  • Frog potties in all extra corners of the bathroom....or in the living room when kids are potty training. Usual sight.
  • A completely child proofed home. I mean, if a child can hurt themselves on it or it isn't safe to chew on, then it's not to be within reach of kids. My nice and meaningful decorations that were once displayed in my Pottery Barn living room are packed away in a box. I'm hopeful they'll see the light of day in another 15 years.
While most people do not get to enjoy (or even know what it is) Pasta Play Days or tripping over frog potties in the middle of the night, this is a part of my every day life. Of my family's every day life. It's these little things, these "normal to us" type things that makes our life unique and fun and interesting to others. Things that are normal to us are totally not normal to others, and vice versa. I've learned to love these things (minus the laundry and water bill; I've just accepted this is a part of our lives).
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