Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week In Review: June 22 - June 26 & June 29 - July 3

Playing "Dirty Cars" with Hot Wheels and chocolate pudding.

We've been incredibly busy lately and I completely forgot to do a daycare Week In Review last week, so this week you get a two for one type deal. We've had a pretty typical two weeks at daycare. The kids continue to play really well with each other with very little direction (other than the usual "be careful and don't kill each other!" directions). They've been very creative. Their favorite toys for the summer have been the Barbie corner, building train tracks, the Ninja Turtle toys, and Lego's.
Here's a look at our week's:

 The kids loved playing "Dirty Cars" with Hot Wheels and chocolate pudding. Then they washed them off in either (or both) the water table and the bubble pool. We had to cut this activity short (and by short I mean after the first hour) because there was thunder and lightning in the distance. The kids got their first cleaning with the hose and were not thrilled by the cold water!

In keeping with the car theme, the kids colored car shapes (drawn by me and cut out by the older kids) and had tire truck grilled cheese for lunch.

                 The younger set of kids have been building Duplo towers as high as they can.

    We had to do our Pasta Play Day indoors thanks to the rain. Read more on our fun Pasta Day here.

                 "Um, Miss Ashley. I think something happened." I think it might have too.

 Hubs had an afternoon off of work and took the kids to Adventureland. The kids had a blast and after daycare kids left, I had a few hours to myself! My house got cleaned (like actually cleaned!) and I got a bunch of writing done. I'm hoping he has another afternoon off soon!

Another rainy day meant another day indoors. We kept ourselves busy with a Game Day. The favorite games of the day were Hungry Hungry Hippos, Star Wars Opertaion, and Simon Says.

After several requests, the kids had a Cookie Tea Party one morning for snack.

Showing off our new Des Moines Arts Festival tees.

 The big kids enjoyed the Hydro Rocket for a couple of hours during nap time one afternoon. It's seriously cool!

 We had our daycare Fourth of July celebration a few days early so all of the kids could participate. Look for more info on our celebration tomorrow.

 Running through the Little Tikes ball sprinkler.

 This week's ethnic food trying was Mexican inspired. The kids tried eggs and chorizo, refried beans, Spanish rice, and a corn and a flour tortilla. Most of the kids loved the chorizo (I was surprised since it's a bit spicy), only one child loved the beans, and all of the kids were thoroughly confused with the corn tortilla of all things!

 The girls have been obsessed with doing hair and make up. Clearly we're still working on getting the lip gloss actually on lips!

 The kids worked hard on their paintings of sparklers and creating their own flag designs.

The older kids have spent A LOT of time building with the Lego's that have been (temporarily) set up in my kitchen.
Next week we'll be enjoying a Book Day to promote summer reading, Kool Aid painting in the driveway, having our much anticipated Superhero and Princess Day, and our first Field Day of the summer (the other two we had planned got rained out). We're having a great summer so far! I can hardly believe it's July already and we still have a long list of activities to do!