Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July Celebration 2015

 We had our daycare Independence Day party a few days early this year so that all of the kids could be involved in the festivities. Last year's 4th of July daycare celebration was chilly (read more on that celebration here), but this year's was perfect for our activities!

I showed the kiddos pictures of what the American flag looks like and they colored their flags. We used twigs from the yard as the pole. Later in the day, the kids held a marching parade around the living room while they waved their flags in the air.

 Red, white, and blue Goldfish crackers. Special thanks to the Hubs for nabbing these while he was out running errands.

Just like last year, I put the sparklers in the ground and lit them. That way there were no worries about burning themselves or each other. The snakes were their favorite part. Naturally, I was the one that burned myself while lighting a snake. This caused the kids to freak out, making them worried that the snakes were going to grow and burn them. Glad I could provide them with this memory (please note just the hint of sarcasm).

Our backyard decorations.

We had hoped to do a red, white, and blue water bead pool, but the craft store was out of blue and pink water beads. So we settled on red, white, and blue shaving cream body paints and a bubble pool. The kids had a great morning painting themselves "like the flag."

 The kids were thoroughly confused about how this was a 4th of July party if there wasn't cake. Truth is, after our month of birthday's I don't want more cake in my house for a long time (or until Super Hero and Princess Day that is). Instead, they got Bomb Pops. I didn't have anymore requests for cake after those!

 I had the big kids get creative and told them to create their own flag. Max put an X on his because he "like to take things to the Max."

After showing the kids pictures of fireworks, I had them paint fireworks for me. I love seeing the different variations and how they thought fireworks should look.
My favorite part of the day was actually talking with the kids about Independence Day, telling them about American history, and reading The Night Before The Fourth of July.