Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week In Review: July 6 - July 10

 The kids read A LOT of books on Book Day. It was a great way to start the week after most of the kids had extremely busy 4th of July weekends and were tired.

We had a great week at daycare! We had a low key Book Day (read about our similar Book Store Day here) to promote summer reading, did some Kool Aid painting in the driveway, Superhero and Princess Day, Lego building, and an epic Field Day to end the week. I've been pretty terrible at remember to grab my camera to snap pics of the kids while they play, but here's a quick look at what I did manage to take:

 The kids loved Kool Aid painting in the driveway. After while it turned into feet Kool Aid painting for some of the kids.

Superhero and Princess Day was another fun one! The kids had princess and superhero cupcakes, colored pictures of their favorite characters, played with the superhero and princess dress up clothes, and read a few superhero books. The girls got to put on fake nails and the boys (and a few of the girls) put on superhero tattoos.

 The kids playing outside in the costumes.

Getting nails and hair done by Silvia.

 Superhero tattoos.

 A very creative dinosaur cage built with the Duplos. They tried to re-create "Jurassic Park."

We ended our week with the epic Field Day 2015. Read more on that and the kiddie pool obstacle course here.
After Friday's fun in the kiddie pools, the kids have requested more water activities and more theme days. I'll be putting both ideas to use with a Dino Day and a morning in the backyard playing in the pools with bath tub paints (I'm hoping it's a much easier clean up!).