Saturday, July 18, 2015

Week In Review: July 13 - July 15

Short week, big fun at daycare! Here's a peek at our week:

 The kids had a blast during Dino Day. Read more about the theme day here.

 The kids love this Crayola color wheel puzzle I snagged in the Target Dollar Spot.

 The younger girls (all age 3) have been intensely playing babies all week. Elizabeth even brought her Baby Emma for a play date with the real baby!

 The girls gathered around the Barbie head to do Barbie's make up, nails, and hair. A good solid hour of beauty parlor fun in the living room!

 We ended our 3 day week with a water theme day. I filled up little pools with water and then added in some Crayola bath dropz. The kids also got to use the Crayola Bath Paint outdoors, which meant less mess for my bathroom, but a very soapy yard afterwards!

 The kids enjoyed mixing the colors to see what they'd get. I also put out a sheet of poster board on the art easel and let the kids paint with the Bath Tub Paint. We wound up throwing the sheet away because it got left out in the rain.

 The big kids got to have a water balloon fight in the rain while the younger kids napped. After the balloons had all been thrown, they decided they wanted to wash my van. No complaints from me about that one.

Next week we'll get a few theme days and one afternoon the big kids will get to enjoy our Baseball Slip n' Slide!