Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Zeus's First Weekend Home

We got a dog. A real life, the kid's finally talked me into it, puppy. And we love him! I took a couple of days off to get used to our new family member (and so he could get used to us), so we had an extra long, but busy weekend. I had to get used to middle of the night wake up calls, keeping shoes picked up, and spending a lot of time walking around my backyard saying, "go potty." I usually do this plenty in the bathroom with littles at daycare, but it's a first for saying this in my backyard. My neighbors admitted they giggle every morning when they hear us out there at 5 a.m.

In between the middle of the night potty breaks, we threw in a vet visit, baking nearly 100 cookies, and throwing a birthday bash for the minis. I was REALLY happy I had a long weekend so I could nap when the puppy napped!

Nobody was sure what to do on our way home. Zeus was exhausted and totally not sure about us, every time he moved the kids freaked "omg, what do we do? He's walking on us?" It was a memorable night to say the least, but I'll never forget being the first one to hold him as he was handed over to us with his soft fur and puppy breath.

We walked in the door as the cats greeted us (as usual). They were incredibly curious about this thing we brought home. They're still very curious, but they also spend time away from him because they don't like the way he attempts to play with them!


One of my favorite pictures from the weekend: the cat wondering why this thing is still here (top) and checking out all of his toys and watching him as he slept in his kennel (bottom).

The kids didn't want Zeus to be by himself, so they insisted on a living room slumber party. That lasted until about 12:30 a.m. when Zeus couldn't stop crying because he saw the kids and wanted to be with them. We've since figured out how he sleeps best--which is not in view of anyone.

As if we didn't have enough going, we threw the minis a drive by birthday bash. Read about it here.

Zeus got A LOT of attention all weekend long.

We had cookies leftover from the Birthday Bash, so we turned them into ice cream sandwiches for dessert one night.

The kids then decided they should be in charge of him one night. Around 1 a.m. they realized how much he wakes up at night and handed night duty back to me. They are also amazed at how much he sleeps during the day.

Since we were home all weekend, we spent a good amount of time in the backyard running through sprinklers and playing in little pools so Zeus could play too.

Sitting on the dining room table as if it's a normal thing.

Now for the funniest part of the weekend: to try to get Zeus to learn his name and come to us, we broke out the treats. Zeus wasn't interested at first, but the cat was. She realized they were salmon flavored treats and comes, sits down in front of however is holding the bag, and waits for her treat. So, I guess we trained the 14 year old cat instead of the puppy.