Sunday, June 21, 2020

To My Middle One On Your 10th Birthday

Oh my Harrison, today you are a full decade old! Or as you say, "I'm a decade years old!" Oh how you make me laugh! You've lived every day of your ten years with happiness, sillyness, and a joy for life that is contagious. You've always had the ability to make me think, "WTF??!!?" multiple times a day. I don't think that will change anytime soon (if ever). Spending these last few months with you in quarnatine has made me appreciate you in new ways. I've gotten to observe you and just how much you constantly talk during your school days. I fully understand now when you're teachers have said that you're one of the extra chatty ones. You ALWAYS have a commentary ready to go, you question nearly everything life sets in front of you.

I love that big, curious mind of yours. You are so incredibly smart and your natural curiosity pushes you to learn things others wouldn't even think of. I've gotten to see your mind at work, your imagination, your creative problem solving (which often causes other problems, but that's just you), and your baking fantasies come to life. I can think of no great gift for me than the gift of more time with you and that's exactly what I got. I was finally able to say yes to days playing and getting muddy at the creek, letting you bake whatever your mind could come up with, and fulfilling your many wild requests because we had time. These are the things that have made me look forward to every single day these last few crazy months.

You have also grown so much since March. I've seen you become more responsible, hone your bargaining abilities, and willingly take on difficult tasks. Through homeschooling and your daily household chores (that you nail every day), I've seen you realize what tools you need to be successful and put them to use. This makes me proud. It's one thing to keep trying and grow, but it shows great strength and wisdom to know your limits and find ways to help you succeed past them. Not to mention you do it all with a smile and through so much laughter (and just a bit of complaining).

Your favorite things are Zeus (your dog you finally talked me into), the mud kitchen, swimming, monkey bars, baking, watching baking shows, Pokemon, The Office, and comfy clothes. You love ramen noodles, Chinese food, chana masala and naan, cereal, and laughing. You love snuggling and being close to people, and laughing.

Harrison, I so love your laughter, even though I have to tell you to keep it down multiple times her day. I love that you've learned to voice your displeasure or problems rather than whining. You do a great job of being "the middle one." I would argue that you are your brother's and sister's best friend. Although, you have many best friends because people are naturally drawn to your happy nature.

Thank you my H-ee Boy for keeping life interesting. You've taught me important lessons, lessons I wouldn't have learned without being your mom. I have told you many times that it was frustrating when you were little, but that frustration has turned to pure joy now that you're older. You are helpful, caring, kind, happy, adventurous, curious, open minded, loving, adaptable, silly, ornary, and so much more! I hope you never take your joy for life for granted. It is one of my favorite things about you.

Trying to spray us at the spraygrounds on his birthday weekend.

I know life holds so many uncertainties at the moment. My letter would typically be ending with 'I can't wait for your fifth grade year!' or something along those lines. Instead, I'm ending it with: I can't wait to see what year ten brings for you and how you handle the challenges the year is sure to present. I know you will handle them with a smile, a positive outlook, laughter even when it's hard, and understanding. I've never been happier that you're mine! You're spirit has helped through the tough times and keeps me grounded through it all.

I love you so much and I'm thrilled to be along for your ride! Thank you for making it wild and crazy!

Love always and forever,