Sunday, June 28, 2020

To My Oldest On Your 12th Birthday

My Maxie,

As I sit writing this, I'm watching you out of our dining room windows. You'ven taken your new puppy out to play (and pee) and I see you freely and carelessly dancing on the teeter totter. Making your own music in your head on doubt.

I laughed, recorded a video, and came back to write that I'm so incredibly proud of you.

You've stepped up in big ways these last four months. Not only do you do your chores without (much) complaint, you help whenever it's needed. Whether it's a quick "watch the kids" while I make a stop at the bathroom in the middle of the day or helping the kids with anything, to making sure the house runs smoothly. Not only am I proud of how you've handled taking care of Zeus, but I'm impressed beyond belief.

You've done late nights and early mornings, shown concern when needed, kept track of feedings, toys, picking up poop, and keeping the yard clean. It's safe to say we wouldn't have a dog if it weren't for you! I wasn't exactly sure what I thought getting a dog would teach you, but it's given you a sense of responsibility and you've knocked it out of the park for a newly turned 12 year old.

I'm constantly touched and amazed at your kindness, patience, caring, and carefree self. You have huge shoes and fill them fully (literally and figuratively) with the high goals you set yourself. You don't care what others think and make no apologies for who you are. You forever keep me wanting to better myself because of your own drive.

Your current favorites are Pokemon, Zoom calls with friends, reading, Prodigy, Pokemon, watching the news, and....oh yeah, Pokemon. You are Pokemon obsessed if that wasn't evident. You eat anything, you're adventurous, and love to travel. I love many, many things about you, but your love for travel and exploring new places is inspiring. I've watched you learn about different cultures, cities, and ways of life, take it all in and apply that knowledge to your daily life and beliefs.

I'm lucky to be your mom and I thank you for always making me a better person. You've been doing that since the day you were born and I hope you never stop teaching me.

Here's to year 12!! I'm unsure of what it will bring, but I can guarantee we'll make the best of it! Thank you for letting me and the rest of us continue to be a big part of your journey. The fact that you still want me to help you make the best of your life is not lost on me nor is its privilege. I love you forever and always!


Pictures that depict your special, silly self.