Saturday, June 20, 2020

Drive By Birthday Bash

Every year the minis have what we've deemed a Birthday Bash. Since all three have their birthdays in June, we've always invited friends and family to their place of choice for their party. A couple of years the minis chose to forgo a birthday bash for a big vacation for their birthdays. Initially they had asked for a pool party, but like many things, a pandemic threw kinks into the plan. We decided to do what many have done and throw a drive-by birthday bash. It wasn't the typical bash we look forward to every year, but this one will be memorable!

Puppy Zeus made his grand appearance to meeting everyone. He mostly slept in the yard as the cars drove by.

This Happy Birthday sign was the perfect decoration! I couldn't find it locally, but my dad travels for work and was able to snag one for the party!

 We had our masks available, but didn't wind up wearing them very much. I was happy we had them out and wore them when we needed to.

My Friday off was spent puppy cuddling and baking cookies. I made extra chocolate chip cookies, but snickerdoodle was the favorite.

We said 'no gifts,' but very few people listened to that! My favorite were their signs and decorated vehicles!

We got a picture with Grandma and Grandpa Harmeyer, but failed to ge tone with Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer. You can barely see Zeus laying in the yard amongst the letters.

After an extra long party and finally being able to play with neighbor friends, we ordered our favorite Indian food for dinner. The minis were so excited for chana masala and naan followed by present opening!

Harrison packs his naan with rice and chana masala.

They got special t-shirts.

His favorite card that plays dogs barking the Darth Vadar theme song. 

Naturally, they broke out some of their new gifts: camping chairs, a croquet set, trampoline, and Jiffy Pop--one of the biggest highlights for Elizabeth. She thought it was going to turn into a giant lollipop. You can only imagine her surprise when popcorn started popping!

As I said above, it was a Birthday Bash they/we won't soon forget!