Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Elizabeth's Birthday Weekend

Leave it up to my daughter to plan every minute of our weekend because "it's myyyy birthday," as she said every time we even attempted to question anything. I think she had a pretty good birthday weekend even though her big birthday present doesn't come for a couple of more days. The minis had a backyard campout, we got sweets from The Bake Shoppe, we canoed, paddleboarded, and swam at the beach, we had a picnic lunch, we watched movies, we played in the pool at home, she opened presents, we ate sweets, grandparents visited, we played Scrabble....we fit it all in in two days!

We've done backyard campouts before, but this was the first time they did it by themselves. I was a bit nervous, so Hubs slept on the couch in case they needed something. Or someone stole them out of the backyard or foxes broke into the tent or they got lost walking from the tent into the house....you know, completely rational worries.

Elizabeth's teacher sent her a gift card to a wonderful local bakery, The Bake Shoppe. Elizabeth happily spent the gift card and more on treats for her birthday on Sunday. I was happy to see how busy they were! This was Elizabeth's first time in a place of business in over 3 months. I wish I had weirdly gotten out of the car and snapped a picture of her sweet little self picking out brownies with her mask and gloves on.

From there we spent the day at Easter Lake Park. Elizabeth requested to go canoeing and swim at the beach. We were eager to check out this newly renovated Park and all of it's offerings. There is a wonderfully paved bike trail (and numerous other hiking trails) that I'm eagerly waiting to hike on when my toe is fully healed. 
Easter Lake Rentals in run by local company Pingora and has a good amount of rentals to choose from. We rented a canoe and a paddleboard for only $30. Both were a blast--or so I was told. The canoe was for three people and I rented the paddleboard for Max and I thinking we could take turns with it. I figured he'd stick close to the beach area, I could help him a bit, and instead the kid takes off across the lake! I never got a chance with it because by the time they got back from paddling the lake in the canoe and on the paddleboard, they were ready to play at the beach. I was the lucky one who got to walk along the shore and snap pictures. 

He got one lesson in paddling and he was off! 

The winds were VERY strong and they had to paddle against the wind on their way back. Max hitched a ride on the side of the canoe and Matt had to paddle the four of them himself.

Despite the use of sunscreen, we all got a lot of sun that day!

Jimmy John's for lunch and Mac Shack for dinner. She had initially requested grilled cheese sandwiches on the grill, but Hubs said he didn't want to grill them, so her words were "fine, let's just order whatever I want then." And we did.

The family meal for 4 (plus a couple of our favorite apps) easily fed the 5 of us plus we had enough leftovers for lunch the next day!

On Sunday, Elizabeth turned 8. I heard her wake up earlier than usual, but unlike past years, she didn't come to wake us up immediately so she could open her gifts. I drifted back to sleep, woke up an hour and a half later, and went to find her. I found her dressed up, make up, hair curled, in boots playing and waiting for us to wake up! She wasn't too eager to open gifts because we didn't get her much, but she was very eager for the brownies for breakfast!

Brownies followed by homemade waffles for brunch, with make up smeared all over her face. Priceless.

She even insisted on baking and decorating her own two layer cake for daycare the next day. In her swimming suit because she baked and decorated in between playing in the pool and playing Scrabble. She's already a multi-tasker!

Grandma and Grandpa Harmeyer got her a new doll for her birthday. I gave her the instructions not to take the doll in the pool. Ten minutes later I look back and see the doll completely undressed and hair up (it is a doll that can get wet) because Dad told her it was okay. She's still really good at working the system.

Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer brought her a book, that she took the time to instantly read that afternoon. Also in between swimming.

We had freshly cut butter lettuce with our dinner! All of our veggies are coming up! This is the first we've been able to enjoy, but we're anxious for the carrots, snap peas, and cucumbers.

Even though she's 8, she said she didn't feel 8; she still felt 7. She also didn't lose her ability to stall at bedtime. 8 year old Elizabeth is still a pro at delaying bedtime.