Saturday, June 13, 2020

Elizabeth's Daycare Birthday

Every year for their birthday's, the minis get to choose what activities they would like to do for "their day" at daycare, what foods are eaten, what movies or shows are watched....everyone gets excited because who doesn't love a celebration that usually involves a lot of carbs? Elizabeth's day included a lot of candy, Barbie's, and swimming (with toys in the pools). Here's what her day looked like:

She insisted on slime, yet no one (including the birthday girl) played with it.

Elizabeth is big on bars (not the kind I'm big on). She requested a pancake bar for breakfast, Elf spaghetti for lunch (which was also a bar), and a waffle bar for dinner. Instead of making 50 pancakes I made sheet pancakes (box mix, but spread it onto a sheet pan, bake at 375 for 15 minutes and done). The kids loved them, it was MUCH easier than flipping pancakes, and everyone got their favorite toppings.

The mud kitchen is still a favorite. Since the kids watch so many baking shows, they spend their time in the mud kitchen "making cakes." They get pretty creative with it, even though it's just mud!

She chose new books to read for reading time.

Toys IN the pools. It was a hot one, so the kids were in swimming suits, going in and out of the pools all day long.

Barbie's inside. The Barbie's were such a hit with everyone that they remained in the playroom all week.

Elf spaghetti (like the spaghetti Buddy makes in the movie) and a showing of Elf. In June. Totally normal birthday request.

Elizabeth made her own birthday cake. She chose to forgo cake on her actual birthday, so everyone could sing to her on her daycare birthday day! The cake was delicious--it had a layer of chocolate fudge frosting with crushed Oreos in the middle.

Rainbow fruit trays for afternoon snack.

The waffle bar for dinner. As you can see, Elizabeth's favorite things are playing, sugar, and carbs, which is why this day was "the best," as she said!