Sunday, June 7, 2020

To My Baby On Your 8th Birthday

My dear Elizabeth,

What a year 7 was! You traveled A LOT, you got over your fear of swimming, you climbed 100+ feet in the air in Bandelier, you can hike over 7 miles at once, you decided to go down a hill in a sled by yourself for the first time, you've become much more aware of the world around you, your curiousity about anything and everything grows by the minute, you nailed homeschooling with ease and happiness, as you have continued the last eleven, memorable weeks.

To say you have displayed grace and beauty through the insanity is an understatement. You have proven you have amazing strength and the unwavering ability to make the best of any situation. You're not afraid to show your emotions when you feel them--although I may not always understand or know how to handle your many tears, I love how you fearlessly put them on display. You have shown us that as long as you have your support system you can conquer anything.

You loved second grade, your classmates, and teacher. You rocked team meetings, virtual learning, and emails. You learned to do things quickly and kept up with your brother's (as usual). You continue to love daycare and your daycare friends. I have to remind you not to smother babies and toddlers. Your current favorite foods are tortilla and cheese (cold, not warm), granola bars, sweets of all kinds, and cucumbers. You love to shop online, play dolls, lsiten to music (some of your newest favorites include Bruce Springsteen and The Who), watch tween Disney shows, play outside, and put on make up.

For your birthday you requested to go canoeing and have a day at the beach. I'm fairly certain you were thinking of the ocean, but you got a lake minutes from home instead. Regardless, you were happy and your love for adventure shows! Your big present this year is a puppy. You're so excited, but you have no idea what's in store for you. I'm so disappointed that you aren't getting your typical end of the season dance recital on stage. You have been looking forward to it since last year's performance. Naturally, you handled the news with grace, while I was the one upset. You worked so hard this year at dance and I'm disappointed for you that you won't get to show it off.

My sweet, exhausting Elizabeth, I can't wait to see what year 8 holds for you. As always, I hope you grow, get to accomplish everything you'd like, learn, explore, and make wonderful memories. I love your hugs, your "I love you so much," and that you still occasionally make sure I'm near you. I have cherished this extra time with you these last few months. I feel like we got to do all of those things we wished we had time for; all of those things I said, "maybe some other time...when we have time." We got to do them and it so took me back to when you were a toddler and home with me all day. You'll never fully realize how much I have enjoyed being able to have time on our side for once.

I love your laugh and pure happy smiles. You're an important piece to our family and I thank you for another memorable year. Here's to year 8!

Love always,