Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Homeschool Week 10


A nice short week to end this school year's homeschooling/virtual learning adventure. All of the kids were missing out on the fun end of the year activities that school provides, so we brought them to daycare/homeschool! One day featured Field Day (a quick field day because I had help set up a class meeting for one mini), another day featured a Talent Show, and our last homeschool day featured a trivia game, popsicles, and an afternoon in the sun of the backyard. 

A social studies/religion combo class. The kids learned about Ramadan and tried dates. As I've said many times, I LOVE education.com and the worksheets provided for kids.

I look over to see two kids holding hands during our lessons.

Our field day featured the usual popsicles for a snack and a couple of classic games. Tug of War and sack races provided a few good laughs, especially as the kids switched up the teams on their own to see who was stronger. That lasted a good portion of the morning. Our fun game was Nickel Toes. I put nickels at the bottom of the pool and the kids had to pick them up with their toes. The catch? I gave them a number and they had to pick up that amount with their toes (example: 20 cents, they had to pick up 4 nickels). It was very entertaining!

The rain came back so we planted our pizza garden. The kids are very hopeful they'll be making homemade pizzas with this later in the summer!

And naturally, the leftover soil became part of our sensory play. Sensory play is still a thing even with 8-10 year olds and still one of their favorite things.

We did one last check on our bread that helped us study viruses. Except it didn't really. The control bread grew more mold and bacteria than the bread that was walked on, sneezed on, and rubbed on door handles. Bad examples.

You know the day is going to be interesting when the kids find half of a dead bird in the backyard within the first 20 minutes of the morning. They had to put it in my pot and show it to me--not something I asked to see, by the way.

An interesting reading and puzzles for Ancient Egypt. The activity to go along with this was building a pyramid fort later in the day!

Science was making fizzy lemonade! The kids had to write how the lemonade tasted at first, what they thought would happen when baking soda was added, how it tasted after, and why there was a reaction when the baking soda was added. Fun and easy experiment for the end of the school year!

Mid-day we had our Talent Show! There were some truly unique talents! I know it wasn't the typical end-of-the-year show the kids get at school, but it was at least memorable!

The cat loves all of the backpacks to lay on. What she doesn't love is being moved so the kids can put their papers and computers back in!

Their pyramid fort was excellent! I told them to consider what we had learned about pyramids earlier that day. Their fort had hidden passages and they even thought enough to have one kids pretend to be a mummy!

Nothing like a little fun with the hose after daycare closes and Mom gets dinner ready.

The last day of school!! It was an interesting school year, an interesting 10 weeks of homeschooling/virtual learning, and we were sooo happy for it to end! We spent the last day playing a trivia game, getting Skittles as prizes, popsicles (because we had some leftover from Field Day), and an afternoon of slime making. The one sad part to the end was the afternoon. Usually on the last day of school, the minis bring home friends and we have a big party with a silly string fight. Every year. This year's end of the year party consisted of just a few daycare kids. Not our usual crazy, big bash but oh-so fun nonetheless.

From backpacks at the beginning of the year to laptops, Chromebooks, and cell phones at the end.

Our trivia questions consisted of things they learned the last 10 weeks. I was impressed with everything they remembered! I'm patting myself on the back just a little bit.

Our nighttime celebration included ice cream (for those younger than 21) and Corona's for those of us older than 21. And with that, we entered summer.