Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Unexpected 3 Day Weekend

I'm very happy that this was our one free(ish) weekend all since the oldest mini was sick all weekend. I wound up taking Friday off and spending half of the day at pediatrician's office. I was very  hopefully we'd be able to fit in a visit to Santa and a visit to the Science Center, but neither were in the cards for us. We did a lot of medicine taking, Christmas movie watching, napping, and relaxing.

The littlest mini was a "huge" help at the doctors. She filled EVERYONE in on our life!

We weren't expecting our Santa's Workshop from Oriental Trading Company until next week but it came a few days early. It wound up being a life saver! The oldest mini wasn't feeling up to much Saturday morning so we stayed home. While Santa's Workshop was meant to be a daycare activity/toy, it kept the minis plenty busy all weekend! 

After long naps on Saturday, we had a family photo shoot thanks to Lauren Campbell Photography. 

As you can see, things were....typical.

When pictures were completed, we decided to drive around looking at Christmas lights. I'm really glad we decided to fit it in this weekend, as we had just discussed earlier in the week when we would have a chance to go. It was a great couple of hours. We drove all around, grabbed food from the drive thru (Taco Bell), and turned the Christmas music up until it hurt our ears. Bonus that we were already in our jammies from our pajama shoot!

Sunday morning started with a treat (or at least that's how the minis viewed it): SNOW! While the oldest mini had to go to urgent care for a chest x-ray and check up, the two youngest minis played in the snow.

Snuggles from the cat on a chilly morning.

The whole reason they wanted to go outside was so they could EAT the snow.

These two were getting along soooo nicely (typically they don't).....

They even exchanged I love you's......

Until Elizabeth decided to bite Harrison's arm "to see how he tastes."

Other than book club and a Sunday evening/night of errands for me, that was pretty much our weekend. I'm really hoping for healthy kids because our weekends are completely booked up! Obviously, much as we did this weekend, we'd cancel plans in needed, but there's so much fun to had that I hate missing out!