Monday, December 12, 2016

Week In Review: December 5 - December 9

Last week's daycare days consisted of lots of Christmas books reading, coloring Santa's workshop and playing in it, arts and crafts, and a new sensory bin. Here's a quick look at our favorite things from last week:

The Santa's Workshop only last a week (it was only cardboard after all) but every penny of the $18 I paid for it was worth it. The kiddos played with it constantly all week. The little ones played their first game of hide and seek (they only hid in the house and no where else) and played peek-a-boo through the Workshop windows. 

The cat helped himself to the Pack n Play. This kept the kids entertained and talking about it the "cat in the cage" all day.

I went to grab the Christmas sensory bin from the sensory bin room (yes, I have a room with sensory bins), opened up the top, and was greeted with mold growing in the rice. I made the bin three years ago so it had a good run. I dumped out the rice, washed the bin, and then made new Christmas rice to play in. The kids got to "help" dye the rice and watched it dry throughout the day. They even got to touch/play with some of the wet rice. Playing with the sensory activity before it was a full sensory activity seemed to be a highlight for the kids, especially when they realized the rice was wet. There were a lot of shocked faces and the expression "ooooohhh, uh oh, wow!" was heard as they ran their hands through the drying rice.

Snacks and even a lunch were asked to be eaten in Santa's Workshop. Obviously I gave in to their requests.

The youngest mini was incredibly excited about her half birthday. She made daycare kids sing her Happy Birthday during lunch and got us to throw her a half birthday party that evening. Apparently we celebrate half birthdays now....

New handmade Bitty Baby doll clothes from Grandma Sheaffer, courtesy of Grandma's sister Jeanine Hall.

Rudolph hats with hand print antlers. These turned out adorable! Once the glue was dry on the noses, the kids put them on and we played "reindeer games," which was pretty much just the kids running/galloping around in circles pretending to be reindeer.

Stamp and stickers. Two S activities that will keep any kid busy for a day (especially the just have to watch where they put them)!

I can't believe that there's only 13 days until Christmas! We'll be doing some of my favorite Christmas crafts and games (that are little kid friendly of course) this week before we gear up to have the big kids back with us for break.