Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Week In Review: December 19 - December 23

Here's a quick look at daycare last week:

The kids colored ornaments. This is the first year that we haven't made handmade ornaments (usually thanks to Pinterest) but most of the kids were too young to do some of the ones I had in mind. I already have next year's handmade ornament(s) all planned out though!

The kids used Dot Markers on shocking paper shapes. Check out the video I shared of them dotting away.

With Christmas break beginning for the kids at the end of the week, their energy was through the roof all week evident from their "run over us and see if it hurts us!" and wrestling matches.


We did Christmas grow characters (their favorite part of these is throwing them in the water) and stamping once they were dried.

I ran out of jingle bells (I didn't want to lose the bells out of them and have a little mouth find it) but the kids improvised with Magformers while they sang Jingle Bells REALLY loud!

Christmas shaving cream sensory play. The red was cinnamon scented and the green was peppermint. This wasn't quite as messy as I had envisioned.

Cuddling on the couch with the cat while watching Christmas movies. We watched Santa Clause Is Coming To Town, Little Drummer Boy, and If You Give A Mouse A Christmas Cookie (we watched one a day for three days).

A couple of the daycare Pack n' Plays were looking a tad rough (I realized that one was nearly 9 years old!) so I bought some new pnp's. I went for the simplest Graco pnp (my favorite) and was a tad surprised to see that the overall function of the pnp hasn't changed all. Usually there's little changes to baby equipment that I've noticed over the years, but the pnp in unchanged. Also, I'm in love with this circus design!

The middle mini insisted we celebrate his half birthday. I panicked because I had nothing for him, but I came up with an Oreo cake and a daycare present was turned into his gift (under the stipulation that he has to share with everyone).

Thursday was the daycare Christmas party. The kids decorated waffle cone Christmas trees, ate cupcakes, colored the table cloth (they used it during lunch), had Christmas shaped food all day long (pictures are the Christmas quesadillas), sang Christmas carols, and played the Snowball Fight game.

To keep it safe and NOT smacking anyone in the face, I put the bucket on the couch and had the kids toss it into the bucket. My favorite was the one year olds, who ran it up to the bucket and then shouted "I got it in!"

I made Friday a pajama day. Not only have my days been busy, but our nights have been jammed packed with friends, holiday parties, and school events. I was exhausted. By the end of the week I could do nothing but lay on the couch.

I have been VERY proud of the kids this season. Not only did they listen really well about not touching the tree and didn't bother the wrapped presents at all! Of course, they read all of the tags and could tell me who all of the gifts belonged too.

Friday morning the kids decorated a gingerbread house. I found kits at Toys R Us at the beginning of the season for only $4 a piece. The minis had decorated gingerbread houses at school and with Hubs one year, but this was my first time putting a house together (I let the kids do the decorating). You're never too old to try something new!

It "snowed" (I'm not sure if less than 1/2 of an inch can qualify as snowing, but they happily put on their snow gear and spent three hours outside running and playing (it was relatively warm compared to how cold it had been).

A game of Hedbanz in the afternoon, along with Candyland and Racko.

The fruit Christmas tree (that was requested by the middle mini).