Monday, December 12, 2016

Our Busy December Weekend

We had a jammed packed weekend! Friday night we ran a few errands and got to partake in Harry Potter's Yule Ball at Barnes and Noble. Saturday we cut down our Christmas tree, played in the snow, and attended my uncle's 50th birthday party. Sunday we went present shopping for family, rode the Santa train (well the minis did at least), and decorated the Christmas tree. There wasn't a lot of down time but we all sure had a lot of fun!

Barnes and Noble was a tad crazy, but Max did a Dueling Wands competition. Harrison was supposed to do a round too but got cold feet. Hubs stepped in and did it in Harrison's place. For the guy who isn't a Harry Potter fan, well, it was pretty entertaining to watch him attempt to say "expelliarmus."

Max thought Dad was pretty funny too!

A requested selfie from Elizabeth as we left Toys R Us. We stopped to pick up cousin presents, but wound up with new daycare toys instead.

We got to the tree farm bright and early Saturday morning. It took us two hours to find our perfect tree (we were looking for something fairly specific). By the time we left snow had fallen (and was still falling) and the minis got a chance to play in it.

A pouting little boy who got into trouble for not listening.

Walkin' in a winter wonderland.

Catching snowflakes.

The drive home took a while as we slipped and slid on the highways.

Saturday night was a great adult night out. We celebrated my Uncle's 50th birthday at Django among family, phenomenal food, wine, toasts, and fun stories.

Sunday morning came a tad too soon, but we took the minis out for breakfast and got all of the Sheaffer family Christmas presents bought. Then the highlight of the weekend happened: decorating the tree (and eating candy canes)!

We even got a little tree for the front porch.

While we had a busy weekend, none of us felt exhausted by the end of the weekend surprisingly. That tends to happen with busy weekends. Next weekend will be our first Christmas of 2016!