Friday, December 16, 2016

Shouldn't Days Off Be Relaxing???

I'm unsure if I've written about this topic before, but my thoughts needed to come out. Yesterday I took the day off to enjoy the youngest mini's Christmas program and I had so many feelings circling about the day. Firstly, it can be somewhat of a headache coordinating days off (now that I've written about. You can read about that here). Then, as I got everything scheduled and settled for the day, I realized that I have taken a day in December off every year for the past four years. For the past four years I've coordinated taking the day off with our Christmas Cheer Day. I had the overwhelming realization that THIS was the last year for such a day, as the youngest mini will be in kindergarten next year.

Cue the teary eyes and sappy memories playing through my head. Then, just as I made peace with this 'last year' business, the day came. The day started early, I got the minis and myself up, ready, and out the door on time. I hit the ground running with my not so comfy black boots and didn't stop until midnight (by the end of the night, my feet had blisters).

Not only did I get to enjoy Elizabeth's program and party, I also got an hour and a half to myself in the morning (in between drop off and the program) in which I enjoyed coffee while running around Target shoving presents for people into my cart. The rest of the day went something like this: running to a crazy amount of places to shop for presents (for extended family), ordering pictures, getting new shelves for the play area (and putting them together), returning a crazy amount of texts and emails (I'm pretty sure everyone I've ever known decided to text or email me yesterday), wrapping a couple of presents, delivering our Christmas goodies to people/businesses, surprising the minis with a movie at the theater, dinner, and of course, cleaning.

This is how every single day off I ever take goes. I always wind up doing ten times more than I do in a normal day and I'm exhausted. I had no shame taking daycare kiddies this morning in my pj's (okay, so I do that most days). While I realize I'm very lucky to be able to take days off so I can enjoy my children's programs/activities, it still doesn't change the fact that every single day off I take is exhausting. This day off in particular seemed much more exhausting because of all of those darn mommy emotions taking over.

Despite wondering how my days off are ridiculously crazy, I'll obviously continue to take days off because they're still A LOT of fun! Here's some pictures from our day:

After drop offs, I had to stop at home for a moment. I took 5 minutes to sit down on the couch and enjoy the quiet house. Then I was off!

I got some shopping done for Hubs, the boy's teachers, and daycare gift sacks. I thoroughly enjoyed having a moment to complete these errands.

Between Elizabeth and Harrison, we've attended a dozen programs at this preschool (where big H went too) and I've never got decent entrance shot of them. This is as close to nailing it as I can get.

Singing, dancing, instrument playing, and a visit from Santa rounded out the Christmas program and party.

After the program, Lil Miss and I ran a few errands (yay for local businesses!). We stopped at home for a brief time to wrap some presents so prying eyes couldn't see them. Then more errands. The real break of the day came when we arrived fifteen minutes early to pick up the boys. We sat in the warm car and listened to Christmas music in silence. Lil Miss and I both nearly fell asleep.

After school we worked hard to deliver more Christmas cheer (we had already delivered some early in the morning before school....and the boys even brought Cheer to school with enough decorated cookies for all teachers and staff in the school). These three minis worked really hard decorating cards, writing sincere messages, baking and decorating cookies, and delivering everything. I was so proud of them that I treated them to a late afternoon showing of Moana. Popcorn AND soft drinks included in the deal.

In case you couldn't tell, it's bitterly cold out but they insisted on a picture in front of the movie poster.

Our front door was blocked by our delivered packages. Christmas shopping completed!

Tasty tacos for a late dinner!

12:30 a.m. and building shelves. This is the life.

A new art shelf? Actually just our old shelf that we were too tired to carry down to the basement. In all honesty, it will probably stay in the kitchen until after Christmas.

Now here it is Friday night and I'm still tired from my day off.....and still sad that this was my last 'preschool program and Christmas Cheer Day' off. Sometimes, kids getting older stinks. Although I'm highly anticipating taking that first day of school off next year so I can have an entire day to myself with no plans. Now that will be a good day!