Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day and Harrison's Birthday Weekend

Harrison's birthday (June 21) and Father's Day will always coincide, which means we always have to find something that both Hubs and the middle mini want to do. Luckily, they always seem to compromise on a day at Adventureland riding roller coasters. We had a pretty packed weekend yet again (but I managed to carve out time for resting for all of us).

Friday night the minis spent the night with my parents and Hubs and I got a night out. We started the night on the patio at Gilroy's enjoying free drinks (thank you waitress who messed up drink orders) and delicious food. We ended our night with drinks at Juniper Moon (great drinks, great atmosphere, definitely recommend it).

We got fried macaroni balls, a chicken chimichanga with fries, and cajun chicken gnocchi. All of it was wonderful!

Saturday morning we had breakfast with my parents when we picked up the minis and then went strawberry picking at Iowa Orchard. The strawberries were hit or miss--some were small, some sections in the row were terrible, but then we'd find an excellent spot full of big berries. We weren't quite as successful at picking as last summer, but the berries were still delicious!

And this picture sums up our picking experience: the kids sighing, fussing, and whining that the plants were itching their legs, they were sweating, there was no air conditioning while we picked, they saw a bug, the strawberries were too hard to find....but we managed through and when we were done we heard "that was so much fun! I can't wait to go again next year!" I will never understand it.

The rest of our berry picking experience from Max's point of view:

After naps we treated the minis to Tasty Taco's and Finding Dory (along with LOTS of popcorn). We ended our night with a round of popsicles and firefly catching in the backyard. Firefly catching has been almost a nightly occurrence this summer.

Sunday we started our day with Starbucks and a HOT day at Adventureland. Because of the heat, we spent a lot of our time in the water park. Despite sunscreen being reapplied a few times and bottles of Gatorade drank, we wound up sunburned and the kids exhausted. The kids took unexpected late naps on Sunday because of heat exhaustion but were much better by Sunday night thanks to deep dish pizza from Felix and Oscars (yes, I made it it my mission to not cook this weekend!) and lots of water!

First ride of the year!

The dragons are Elizabeth's favorite ride!

The boy's favorite roller coaster at the park. They rode it three times.

It wouldn't be Father's Day if there wasn't one major fit about putting clothes away.

He's a keeper! He spent the last bit of his Father's Day making waffles for daycare the next day!