Monday, June 6, 2016

Elizabeth's Birthday Weekend

Every year I've taken the minis birthday's off and we've spent the day doing whatever they've wanted to do. This year I chose not to take every Tuesday in June off (when their birthday's fall) since I'm taking so much time in July off for family vacation. Instead, we're celebrating the weekend before each birthday and doing their activity (or activities) of choice. This past weekend was Elizabeth's fun birthday weekend.

On Saturday we had a friend's bowling birthday to attend, then we got in some shopping at Target. Saturday night we spent at a friend's house. The kids played all night long, the adults sat around, and we kept the neighborhood entertained with some fireworks.

Makin' muscles

Midnight. Mom and dad are exhausted and ready to sleep. The nearly 4 year old has a noise maker "for the party."

Sunday morning we met my mom's side of the family at Raccoon River Park for free fishing weekend and swimming at the lake (Elizabeth's request). My Grandpa Murillo loved to fish and took me often when I was younger. It's nice to carry on the tradition of fishing every year on this weekend. Plus we got to celebrate the mini's birthdays a bit early. After fishing, the five of us went swimming at the lake for a bit before coming home for naps (and errand running BY MYSELF).

Harrison and Elizabeth weren't into fishing much, but Max loved it! 

Hubs was the only one to catch a fish (we threw it back in)!

Elizabeth got to use the Birthday plate since her birthday is first. She took the Birthday plate using very seriously: for posing, for pulled pork, and for cupcakes.

Our favorite Scratch cupcakes!

The minis were happy to get our first trip to the beach in. Elizabeth is all ready for her 4th birthday this week and was extremely happy to celebrate early! Next weekend, we're all ready for the annual big Birthday Bash for the minis!