Friday, June 24, 2016

Harrison's 6th Birthday

Last picture as a five year old

On Tuesday, the middle mini turned 6 years old. He got to spend the day with all of his friends at daycare playing his favorite games, eating his favorite foods, and watching his choice of movie in the afternoon.

Muffins for breakfast, cake mid-morning, Ramen noodles for lunch (Harrison's favorite), and Chinese food for dinner from his favorite restaurant.

Lots of coloring and lots of snuggling with mom. They watched the Minion Movie in the afternoon, built Lego's, danced to music, and ate popsicles for a treat.

As soon as daycare kids left, he was ready to open presents! He was most excited about his new iPod and had them in all night. He had the volume turned up much too high and shouted "what!?!!?" every time we asked him a question.

After dinner, grandma's and grandpa's came over. Big H quickly opened his gifts then asked us "are anymore grandma's coming over for me?" Ha! That's one way to get more goodies!

Give a kid an iPod and he instantly looks older.