Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Birthday Bash Weekend

The annual birthday bash was this past weekend and it was absolutely fantastic! In the past we've done the Birthday Bash at a park (Raccoon River Park) and last year at our house. This year we did it at a local Aquatic Center. It was the most stress free Birthday Bash we've thrown yet! We did it later in the evening, so we didn't have to worry about food, just cupcakes, we did it somewhere else so I didn't have to worry about getting the house ready (and clean up afterwards), and it was a pool at the end of a hot day, making it fun and relaxing.

Friday night and Saturday morning was spent decorating cupcakes (thank you boxed cake mix and canned frosting). There was plenty of time for errand running, shopping, and even naps. Completely stress free. All we had to do was be at the pool after dinner, at 6:45 p.m. Then the fun began!

Relaxing with the oldest mini.

So many cupcakes! After years of practice, I have the cupcake frosting and decorating down and can finish it quite quickly. The canned frosting helps out a bit.

Hubs did (another) awesome job on the invites! However, we've been busy and failed to plan for the party a ton and invites didn't even get mailed (some got delivered personally and to daycare friends). Others just got a text message or email because, well, life happens.

We sang quickly at the beginning of the party and then sent the kids off to go swim, because they could hardly wait!

This who pool plus the water slides all to ourselves!

The only downside of the pool was the water slide. Apparently there's a new "law" that says kids can't go down the slide on parent's laps, which means on a few of the kids were actually tall enough to go down the slide themselves. Big bummer, but several of the adults/parents took advantage and enjoyed the slide!

After the party, we had a few friends over and enjoyed a late night of good conversations, bug catching for the kids, and pizza ordering.

Sunday we kept simple. The boys and I met a few friends at the movie theater and saw the newest Ninja Turtle movie. The rest of the day was for napping, cleaning, and stopping at the book store for some more reading material for our upcoming vacation.

Everyone had such a great time at the pool that we will definitely be keeping this in mind for the next Birthday Bash! The next couple of weekends are pretty busy with birthday outings for the boys, a family reunion/birthday party, and the best yet, our big summer road trip! We're having such a great summer so far. This is definitely one for the books!