Sunday, June 19, 2016

To All The Dads....

I am lucky to have numerous father figures in my life and my children's life: my own dad, my husband, my father in law, and my grandpa's. I've watched them, taken after them, and admired them when they've faced difficulty. They've saved me, helped me, loved me, and help shape me. Dads can be pretty special people. In honor of you, amazing dad's everywhere:

To all the dads who have taught, learned, and grown with their child(ren). To the dads who have disciplined and given lectures. To the dads who have shown tough love. To the dads who have laughed instead of punished, sometimes that's needed.

To the dads who have killed bugs. To the dads who have combed hair and learned how to put a ponytail in. To the dads who have painted nails and bought tampons. To the dads who have thrown footballs, taken in baseball games, and taught a boy how to be a gentleman.

To the dads who have sang songs, done grocery shopping, and gone down the toy aisles at the store. To every dad who has been talked into a toy. To the dads spending their hard earned money to take care of their family. To the dads who have offered donuts for breakfast. 

To the dads who have gotten up in the middle of the night and gone without sleep. To the dads who change diapers, been spit up on, and rocked a crying baby for hours. To the dads who have learned fairytales and had light saber battles. To the dads who become kids again for their kids.

To the dads who have dressed Barbie dolls, made breakfasts, and given up nights out with friends. To the dads who have "help" shoveling in the winter. 

To all of the moms who are dads too. To all of the dads who are moms too. You have two special roles to fill and fill them well. Simply trying makes you amazing.

To the dads who have given hope and believed in dreams. To the dads who have helped make those dreams come true. To the dads who don't just sit on the sidelines but try to be part of the game. To the dads who give advice and to those who know when to be quiet. To those who save, love, and shape. 

YOU are loved. You are appreciated. You are one of a kind.