Thursday, June 9, 2016

Elizabeth's 4th Birthday

Typically for the mini's birthdays, I take the day off to do whatever it is they want to do. This year, I decided not to take their actual birthday's off since I'll be taking so much time off in July. This is the first year the minis are spending their birthday's with their friends at daycare. I gave Elizabeth the choice of what she wanted to do on her birthday with her friends.

She chose to have play with her Barbie's and new dollhouse outside on the patio all day. It was the perfect day to spend outdoors too--breezy and only 80 degrees!

Everyone started the day with pancakes and had a mid-morning pick me up of purple tie dye cake with pink frosting and pink sprinkles (the birthday girl's request).

She insisted on trying to light the candles herself (she has no idea how to actually light the lighter).

We ordered Scooby Snacks and had a picnic lunch in the living room while watching Frozen.

There were birthday cake cut outs to color and even time for a tantrum or two.

Presents time came after daycare kids left. She finally got her own iPod (actually an MP3 player that was much cheaper, good quality, and kid friendly). She spent the evening listening to her favorite tunes.

The boys made her birthday cards.

After a dinner of "HyVee chinese" (her favorite lo mein, sweet and sour chicken, and fried rice), grandparents came over to give her gifts.

As she went to sleep, her last words on her fourth birthday were: "I can't wait until I'm five! When will I be five?" In a whole year kid.