Tuesday, June 28, 2016

To My Oldest On Your 8th Birthday

Dear Max,

Today you turned eight. Eight years since you made me a mom and eight years of trial and error (I'll just apologize now and thank you for being the family guinea pig for our parenting). You make parenting fairly easy though. You exceed in school and all activities, have a clear sense of right and wrong, lead without knowing, show love and kindness to all, and have no problem just being you.

You love trying new things, going new places, and any sort of thrills and adventure. For your birthday, you wanted to ride the new (and please know that years from now, when you re-read this, it will no longer be new) Monster roller coaster at Adventureland. I know adults not brave enough to give that a whirl (me included in that). You're willing to try anything once, as long as it's your idea. If it's anyone else's you won't go for it.

2nd grade was a great school year for you. We received excellent reports from all of your teachers, you accept anyone and try to involve everyone, but you have your best friends who you're with constantly. You love to read non-fiction books, anything that teaches you about places, people, and history. You have shown great responsibility this school year. At the beginning of the school year, I gave you the task of safely walking you and your brother to and from school. You have taken the "job" seriously and even made a few new friends in the neighborhood. This has given you a ton of confidence and instant maturity.

You love Lego's, building and creating things, reading, writing short stories, music, dancing, Nerf guns, new clothes, Goosebumps, and dinosaurs. You love your new big bed (double) when we upgraded to bunk beds for you and your brother.

You've taken on a lot of responsibility in the last few months as you successfully help out with household chores. Thank you buddy for being such a great big brother and an amazing example for all of the younger kids around. You show nothing but love and kindness to all of the babies that have made their way into our house (daycare). You've been known to walk in the door from school, pick up the closest baby with outstretched arms and snuggle them on the couch. 

I love you so much! Thank you for being you! You make me so proud to be your mom.