Friday, February 19, 2016

Weekend Planner

Beginning of birthday week last year

Welcome to our weekly Thursday morning post about what's going on in the Des Moines, Iowa area. We'll share what we'll be doing, great finds, restaurants to eat at, shops to drop some cash at, and just all the great things Des Moines has to offer families.

What We're Doing:

  • Hanging out with friends. Is hanging out even used anymore or does it make me seem really old??? Either way, we're spending time with friends our age who also say 'hanging out.'
  • Early birthday celebration. Birthday week +2 days starts Saturday night!
  • Spending time outdoors. Gorgeous weather here in Iowa this weekend and I plan on taking as many walks as possible. Maybe we'll head for a hike depending on how everyone is feeling.

Other Happenings:

  • Walk around the Sculpture Park in Western Gateway Park.
  • Botanical Blues (Sunday's 2 - 4 p.m.) and the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. We've never been since we're usually napping Sunday afternoons, but it's on my Things To Do List.
  • Hike at Ledges State Park. If the minis and I hadn't spent our week sick, we would definitely be heading to Ledges this weekend for a good hike. It may be muddy, but kids love mud!
  • Explore the State Capitol grounds. Go on a tour of the State Capitol building and follow it up with a walk on the grounds.