Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stay Home Day

Sometimes I'm a sucker when my kids ask for things. Some M & M's from the check out at Target? Sure, throw em' up there. A new toy occasionally? Sure, they all go to the daycare anyways. Just one more book at bedtime? Okay, you can stay up later than usual. The one thing I'm big on is not letting them miss school for anything other than sick days, and they actually have to be sick. Fevers, contagious, vomiting. They don't get to stay home for any ol' reason. That is until yesterday.

To be fair, my kids HAVE actually been sick lately. Stomach flu, fevers, coughs, colds. They spent the weekend taking extremely long naps, so they haven't been feeling quite like themselves. The oldest woke up first this morning, a little later than usual.

"Ugh, I don't feel good," he groaned. Usually I just ignore such whines and get on with our morning. Then the middle woke up with the same line, followed by the youngest.

"We just want to rest today. We don't want to go to school."

I wasn't in the mood for a fight. I wasn't looking forward to the next hour spent forcing food down them, talking them into brushing their teeth, and getting them ready for school on time.

"Fine," I rolled my eyes, "then you won't go to school today."

I think my minis were shocked. This is nothing I plan to let them do every school year, but I do think they really needed just another day to relax. They didn't do much besides sit on the couch, watch PBS, and read books. It wasn't until the end of the afternoon that they really came to life.

(L): A little blurry, but still cute pic of the middle mini and me.
(R): A coming to life photo. She carried the little table into the living room on her head. That silliness lead to a game of "chase" in the living room, followed by baths, and early bedtimes.