Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Kids View

I'm always enthralled when my minis share what's on their mind. Sometimes it seems almost magical, a lot of times I'm left speechless, and the rest of the time I'm totally clueless (and slightly worried about their well being). For Valentine's Day we gave the minis a Fuji Instax camera. It's been one of their favorite things they've ever gotten. They easily went through 40 pictures in an hour (and the film isn't exactly cheap).

I rolled my eyes when I looked through the 40 pictures. There were pictures of the wall, a piece of chocolate, my daughter's puke bowl from the night before. Nothing of substance really. It wasn't until I got to talking to them about the pictures that they took that I began to understand why they took pictures of the things they did.

(Top left): Harrison took a picture of his new tea set. Later that morning he (with the help of Max and Elizabeth) painted the entire set. (Middle): He also took a picture of the first picture he took "because it's a special picture." (Bottom right): Elizabeth took a picture of her barf bowl that made her feel better in case she didn't make it to the bathroom (thankfully it was never used).

Elizabeth took pictures of "mom working on her blog because the blog is special. Someday I'm going to have a blog to and tell all about how life is. Blogs make me happy."

Harrison took this picture of Hubs. "Dad's on his phone and sitting on the clean laundry. He didn't get in trouble for sitting on the clean laundry that was on the couch because the laundry didn't fall on the floor." I followed this line up with the question: "what happens if the clothes on the floor?" Harrison giggled and responded "you get mad. Dad would probably get a time out!" For the record, no one's ever gotten a time out for the clothes falling on the floor.

(Left): Harrison's first picture was of Max trying to grab the camera away from him. Caught in the act! (Middle): Harrison snapped a picture of me trying to grab the camera away from him so I could show him how to use it as he was pressing every button on the damn thing! (Right): Max's first picture was of Harrison. As Max was shooting the picture, he got irritated with Harrison for not posing the way he wanted him to. Drama!

(Top): Harrison took the picture of me opening my Valentine's Day present from Hubs. (Middle): Max took a picture of me being overly enthusiastic about something. (Last): Elizabeth took a picture of the cat with their stuffed animals. She thinks "Soph (the cat) looks silly."