Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Week of Valentine's Activities

This year I opted not to do a daycare Valentine's Party for a couple of reasons: there's no longer a single day that I have all of the kids and I have quite a few younger kids who wouldn't be able to enjoy a party if we did one. Instead we did a Valentine's Week that was filled with Valentine's Day activities, crafts, treats, and book readings. 

Here's a look at our daycare Valentine Week:

Our sensory activities for the week were a highlight for the kids. Our first was a rice sensory bin filled with (fake) rose petals, hearts of all shapes, sizes, and materials, and small red and pink rubber ducks. This sensory bin was far less messy than the one later in the week.

We did two rounds of chocolate covered strawberries (the kids got to take them home to share with their families). The kids actually didn't like dipping the strawberries in the chocolate, but they LOVED the sprinkles (surprise, surprise).

A heart shaped strawberry. This is actually still sitting in the refrigerator because the kids didn't want to eat it. They're trying to come up with a way to "save it forever."

The Valentine flour "sand" was the highlight of the week and by far one of our messiest sensory activities we've ever done indoors. Not only did the kids get into the little pool and attempt to "swim in it," but when they were done with doing that, they took the "sand" out of the pool and put it on the floor. Then they rolled in it. 

It was matted in hair, stuck in eyebrows, and a few baths were needed. BUT it kept them busy for THREE HOURS (and another couple of hours the next day too)! Even the 9 month old babies I have loved this sensory activity. I love that it was safe enough for them to eat and enthralling enough for all age groups to play with it. I looking forward to spring more than ever so that these activities can be moved to the backyard!

We had a series of Valentine themed lunches and snacks: heart shaped quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes, strawberries and raspberries, and more. 

One of my favorite projects from the past two weeks was finished up: our Wall of Love. Each child decorated three hearts and then put what they loved on the heart. A few of my favorites included lions, HyVee, and coloring. All of the babies and one younger toddler made hand prints or foot prints in the hearts.

My three minis got their Valentine's ready for their school parties and the daycare kids. This year we did homemade slime. It was incredibly messy and we will not be doing it again! 

We attempted to play our Cupid's Arrow game, but the kids didn't really have an interest in it. Instead they danced around and then went back to the flour "sand." I win some, I lose some. This group of kids doesn't love games as much as other kids I've had. They definitely love the sensory activities and singing songs. 

We ended our week decorating cupcakes. No pictures were taken since the kids mostly just sat down, frosted a cupcake, ate it, and told me they were done.

Next we'll be starting in on Easter and St. Patrick's Day activities!