Sunday, February 7, 2016

11 Things I'm Crushing On

Valentines day is quickly approaching, so I figured it would be a great time to drop in with a few items I'm totally crushing on.  Some items I have and love, others I'm batting my eyes at in hopes they'll notice me.  Speaking of stuff we love, be sure to check out the new links to stuff we love on the right side of our site!

1. Amazon Fire Stick - Our house relies on Amazon Prime (free 30-day trial link), Netflix, Hulu, and Sling for our television entertainment, and Amazon's Fire Stick is an inexpensive way to turn any TV or computer monitor with an HDMI input into an internet streaming smart TV.  

2. Label Maker - Yes, once again there are office supplies on my Valentine's wish list.  I'm totally crushing on this label maker, especially the available clear label with gold print cartridges!  Plus dozens of other label options, including iron on labels. I've got a basic Brother Label Maker currently, but decided I want an upgrade after reading Jen's review on

3. Butter Bell - In the Butter vs. Margarine debate, our house is solidly butter.  We keep some on the counter in a covered butter dish, but recently upgraded to a butter bell. A little bit of water in the cup leaves the butter stored airtight, and means we can enjoy spreadable butter.

4. Bluetooth Headset - Laugh all you want - I know not everyone wants to look like a telemarketer, but this is my favorite Bluetooth headset to date.  I work from home and rely on my mobile for conference calls and meetings and got tired of holding the phone while typing or using speakerphone.  I've had bluetooth ear buds, but the ear plug part made it difficult because I could hear myself speaking too well, and I don't like the Jabra-type design because they don't seem to set in very snug.  This headset sits on your ear, has great sound and mic quality, and leaves an ear open to listen for kids, pets, or whatever.  I picked this one because of the charging base and love it!

5. Comfortable Dress Pants - Shooting weddings for my photography business is one of the most rewarding and exhausting things I can do on a weekend.  Clothing wise, I need to wear outfits that are dressy but can move and stretch as I work.  I'm totally crushing on these yoga pants that look like dress pants.  

6. Suction Cup Phone Mount - This has been so handy for using Google Maps in my car, plus it keeps my phone out of my hands while making calls.  There is no safe way to operate a cell phone while driving, but this puts it right in front of you for red lights, etc.  I'm on my second after leaving one in an Avis rental car in Denver, totally worth it and available for Prime shipping.  

7. Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon - I am picky when it comes to fragrance, mostly because I'm allergic to a ton of them!  But Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon is one of my favorite hand soaps, and we use it in our kitchen and all three bathrooms.  The fresh citrus scent leaves my hands smelling and feeling clean.  Bath & Body Works have ditched most of their anti-bacterial soaps, but I've been known to get out some Dial or other anti-bacterial soap when someone is feeling under the weather.  

8. Ring Holder - I'm one of those people who have to have a 'spot' for everything or they'll lose it.  I have a similar ring holder on my nightstand where I take off my rings each night, and one in the kitchen as a safe place to keep them while doing dishes.  It's simple but totally works for me.

9.  Eyeglass Holder - Like I said, a spot for everything.  I received a similar, hand carved one as a souvenir from my sweet hubby's work trip a couple years ago.  Sitting next to my ring holder, it holds my eye glasses at bedtime.  I've been known to lose my glasses after knocking them off my nightstand, I've yet to have that happen since I received this thoughtful gift. 

10.  Coleman Double High Airbed - I mentioned in my caucus post that we've been hosting guests.  Our spare bedroom leaves much to be desired, but we've had rave reviews (or overly kind guests) about the comfort of our double high airbed.  Since ours is a queen size, we always have spare sheets, and it inflates and deflates in minutes.  Easy way to turn any space into a guest room.

11. Sonicare Toothbrush - We are a house of few strict rules, but one of them is "You only have to brush the teeth you want to keep."  I'm sure my bonus daughter's friends are tired of hearing that at slumber parties, but we enforce that rule and keep a supply of new toothbrushes to offer the kids.  I love my Sonicare toothbrush and swear my teeth have never felt cleaner.  The travel charger was super handy when my job required more travel.  I've been using a Sonicare for six years and my dental hygienist comments on my great brushing every time!

So that's what I'm currently crushing on.  What's on your list?