Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What Are Your Plans?

Nearly every evening when parents come to pick their kids up from daycare, I always give a quick rundown of the day (usual if it was a good day, off day, etc.) and make small talk while they get their kids ready to go. One of my first questions is 'what are your plans for the evening?' For someone who's at home with kids all day, I'm always anxious to hear about adult plans! Then they usually ask me if we have plans. Typically the answer is no, usually it's just a business meeting or two, or a conference call, or emails to return after dinner, baths, and bed, occasionally I'll have fun plans.
But mostly my nights look something like this:

He was totally fine for those concerned.

It was past bedtime. They successfully stalled for 15 minutes when they claimed they were suppose to do more reading for school. Then they asked if they could style their hair before bed. When I asked if kids at school styled their hair, Max named a kid and said "he really looks sharp." Then they asked for hair gel.

Other than the writing, emails, calls, meetings, cleaning, and laundry, this pretty much sums up my nights: dinner, running around, one or two injuries (usually not severe), and stalling for bedtime. 
How do you spend your week nights?