Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide For Dads

1) Travel coffee mug - It's no surprise that our house runs on caffeine. The Contigo mug does a great job of keeping your drink warm and avoiding spills.  The mouth only opens when the button is pushed, so no caps or lids to battle with!
2) Amazon Fire TV Stick - Our love of the Amazon Fire Stick isn't new, but it will probably stay on our gift lists until the end of time.  It turns any screen with an HDMI port into a Smart TV.  Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Pandora and more!
3) Smart TV - Or skip the Fire Stick and get a new Smart TV.  This 40-inch TV seems like a great deal, or this 43-inch 4k TV. Although Santa may need some help sneaking that down the chimney....
4) Templeton Rye - Iowans will recognize this brand, but Templeton Rye has made a name for it's namesake city's history of bootlegging one of Al Capone's favorite brands.
5) Burberry Splash - Fragrance can be a challenging gift for some, but this clean scent could be great for a special occasion!
6) Yeti Cooler - Maybe I'm new to the game, but I keep hearing more and more about these coolers.  Available in lots of sizes, these seem to have a cult following and have an 82% five-star rating on Amazon.  If you're not ready to take the plunge on such an investment, these can koozies look like they would be awesome for tailgating, camping, or any summer day.  
7) Movie tickets - Most movie houses offer gift cards or vouchers which make easy stocking stuffers!  We're fans of Flix Brewhouse where you and your love can enjoy a movie with dinner, drinks and beer!  Book your tickets in advance online, and you'll get to pick your seats!
8) Sweat pants - While Lauren and I refuse to give up yoga pants/leggings, we thought the dads could enjoy some sweats for the easy days around Christmas and New Years, especially for that early wake up on Christmas Day.  Lauren's family gets new pajamas on Christmas Eve; a fun tradition that is easy to start!
9) Slippers - Laugh all you want, but a friend got some similarly hilarious slippers last year and raves about how warm they are!  If the dad in your life is less adventurous, maybe something like this, with a nice sole would be a great gift!