Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Holiday Game For Kids

A Find It type game with holiday toys. The kids love playing an type of hide n' seek game, but things can get rather crazy when ten kids attempt to hide throughout the house. To cut down on the craziness (we have PLENTY of that already, thank you), I hid toys around the house. The object of the game was for the kids to find them all in a set amount of time. First I showed them a picture of the toys I hid so they knew what they needed to find.

 Then they spent the next 45 minutes excitedly looking for each Rudolph character. I hid them pretty well if I do say so myself!

                                    I hid one inside of the cat. Oddly it's the first one the kids found.

This game had the kids working together to find the toys and really got them flexing their problem solving skills. Best part about this game was that it kept the kids interested for a long time (and several more times throughout the day). I hid and re-hid the toys and only stopped when I ran out of hiding places!

I'm keeping this game in mind for holiday get togethers when the kids find themselves overly excited (aka--irritating!). It would be just as easy to do with candy canes or any other type of object/toys. As long as the kids know what they are suppose to look for, anything works.